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Friday Feature ~ Letter to the Editor on Life

Feature FridayToday I would like to feature a letter to the editor (Clarion Ledger, MS) by my husband.  He wrote this in response to a Nov. 6, 2013 guest column by abortion activist Sunsara Taylor.  In her article, Action in Texas Intensifies Threat to Miss. Abortion Clinic, she expresses concerns that recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rulings, upholding anti-abortion legislation in Texas, may also threaten the abortion industry in Mississippi.

My husband writes letters to the editor regularly, but this one is my favorite.  He speaks directly to the heart of the abortion debate and offers a powerful rebuttal to Ms. Taylor’s skewed opinions on life.

Today’s feature is his letter,

When Does a Fetus Become a Baby

“I always wonder about someone who says, “The truth: fetuses are not babies, abortion is not murder, and women are not incubators.” And, “Abortion on demand and without apology.”

The only truth there is women are not incubators.

My question to Ms. Taylor is: When does a fetus become a baby? Does the fetus just vanish and a baby appear?

I have a grandson who was born at 24 weeks and was 1lb. 10 oz. He’s now 11 years old. He looked like a baby to me when he was born, although a very small and sickly one.

If he wasn’t born until 28 or 32 weeks, is that when he would have been a baby? A full-term baby is considered 37-40 weeks. What if a healthy mother was in a car accident at 36 weeks and the baby had to be taken out? When is the transition from fetus to baby. Even though it is out of the womb early, do we have to call it a fetus for another week?

A life growing inside a woman is a baby. That makes abortion murder. Call it what it is.”

Jim Nash
Nov. 25, 2013
Letter to the Editor
Clarion Ledger

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected ~ Beauty in a Swamp

The fall colors are peaking through in the background and reflections

The fall colors are peaking through in the background and reflections

Last week, my husband and I went on an outing so that I could capture pictures of the fall colors.  While we were out, we happened upon a swampy area along the Natchez Trace Parkway, and discovered unexpected, stark beauty tucked away in between towering cypress trees.

Unexpected beauty in a swamp

Unexpected beauty in a swamp

The green sludge on the water gave everything a wintry look, but the sun peaking through the trees and the faint hint of autumn provided warmth.

One of three other photos that I entered in a photo contest

The photos of the leaves on the water were some of my favorites, especially of how the colors contrasted against the sky’s reflection on the water. 

I liked this one of the leaves on the water better, but it didn't get selected for the contest

I liked this one the best of the two leave shots

I’ll be the first to admit something, though.  Deriving enjoyment from hanging out in a swamp does mean that I need a life!  However, God made us each unique and loves us as we are. 

My sweet husband and spoiled rotten dog, Chester

My sweet husband and spoiled rotten dog, Chester

He also blessed me with a husband who adores me in spite of my quirks.  Even though I doubt that he got the same thrill from seeing the swamp, he was very patient as I spent time photographing it.

I cannot figure out why God gave me such a loving, faithful husband, but I am so glad that He did.  Discovering his love was one of those unexpected blessings in my life.  He didn’t know that swamps were part of the equation when he married me, though!

Sue Nash/2013

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Mississippi Fall Ya’ll ~ Natchez Trace

I think this one is my favorite of those I took along the Natchez Trace

My favorite of fall pictures I took along the Natchez Trace ~ I entered it in a photo contest here

If you have never taken a trip along the Natchez Trace Parkway, I recommend doing so.  In addition to slower speed limits, the Trace does not have the clutter of signage or businesses, which makes for a pleasing travel experience.

This is one of three of my photos that were accepted as entries for the contest

Another one of my photos accepted as an entry for the contest ~ you can see it here

 I recently discovered a Fall Foliage Photo Contest on a website called Natchez Trace Travel.  On my day off last week, my husband very graciously accompanied me on a photo outing, so that I could try for the contest.

I submitted the most allowed, and of the four, they accepted three pictures as entries.  Whether or not I win anything, it flatters me that they chose some of my pictures.

This one would've been very pretty, but there is a glare spot on one of the trees ~ still worthy of posting

This one would’ve been very pretty, but there is a glare spot on one of the trees ~ still worthy of posting

I mentioned in my last post that I think the fall colors show up better on overcast conditions.  The day we did this photo adventure, it was very sunny out, and the colors were already fading.

The photo conditions didn’t really matter, though, because we had a lovely time together.  I am SO THANKFUL for the blessings of a wonderful husband!

Had to do a leave photo

Had to do a photo of leaves

Mississippi has many trees; most are pines and oaks.  The pines and other evergreens bring year round greenery, but the large numbers of oaks make for much leave raking in the fall.

A view of the Pearl River along the Trace

A view of the Pearl River along the Trace

We ended our journey near the Pearl River, where we also discovered a nice picnic area for future enjoyment.

While the purpose of this trip to the Natchez Trace was so that I could take pictures of fall colors, I found a lovely surprise at one of our stops.  In fact, I ended up taking as many pictures of what I found there as I did of scenes out on the Trace.  One of them is my other entry in the contest. 

But you have to wait until my next post to see my unexpected photo opportunity.   

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
Genesis 1:11

Sue Nash/2013

Mississippi Fall Ya’ll ~ Glorious Bradford Pears

I loved how the brilliant colors framed the steeple

I loved how the brilliant colors framed the steeple

For many of you, the fall colors have already come and gone.  Where I live, they finally peaked about a week or two ago.

I have always thought the colors pop out more on overcast days.  Unfortunately, when I had the time to get outside with my camera lately, it was either bright sunlit or rainy.  I have learned that with photography, though, you work with the moments you get,

Bradfords are amazing with the variety of colors

Bradfords are amazing with the variety of colors

My focus with this set of fall photos was capturing the beauty of Bradford Pear trees.  Their showy variety of colors in the fall is hard to beat.  Many stay green underneath, and then turn a combination of reds, yellows and oranges.  As seen above, they are like a fall foliage display all in one package. 

brandon fall foilage 2013 3These shots are all of a single row of the trees lining the parking lot of a local church. 

brandon fall foilage 2013 4This angle shows the wall of color lining the lot.  A display of glorious beauty.

Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.
Job 40:10

On my next post, I will showcase some other Mississippi Fall photos.  I hope that you enjoy sharing in our fall, ya’ll!

Sue Nash/2013

The Wrong Side of History ~ “A Historic Mistake”

Deal reached on Iranian nuclear program


We did it.  The unthinkable.  Our nation joined other world powers in committing a “historic mistake,” as labeled by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Along with the others, the United States bought into Iran’s sales pitch that they will stop enriching uranium with the goal of building nuclear bombs.

Is a nation that routinely chants, ‘Death to America’ and calls for the annihilation of Israel a trustworthy partner for peace, though?  By participating in the deal, what we really did was position ourselves as a nation.  With those on the wrong side of history.

Anyone who follows end-time prophecies knows that these events fit precisely with Ezekiel.  Even though the timing remains a mystery, known only to God, the fulfillment is sure.

Surely it is coming, and it shall be done,” says the Lord GOD.  “This is the day of which I have spoken.”
Ezekiel 39:8

God still loves America, but we are kidding ourselves to think that He is blind to our actions.  As if the aborting of millions of innocent lives were not enough, now we have hammered yet another blow against His hand of protection over our nation.  By siding with a rogue nation, in a way that threatens the well-being of Israel, we have thrust ourselves on the wrong side of God’s standard for nations.

God will prove faithful to Israel in that they will never be destroyed.  He has their backside.  However, He will also hold accountable those who knowingly participate in measures which jeopardize them.  Spin aside, this deal with Iran has done just that.  And it may inevitably prove lethal for countless American lives.

Let us fervently pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Although America is now on the wrong side of history in this matter, believers can still individually stand beside Israel in prayer, much more so as the time of Christ’s return draws near.  He will reward those who do so.

“Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.”
James 5:8

Sue Nash/2013

(Photo credit from  November 24, 2013)

Friday Feature ~ Byram Swinging Bridge, MS

The Swinging Bridge of Byram, MS

The Swinging Bridge of Byram, MS

For some strange reason, I have a fascination with bridges.  It might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, a city with several bridges spanning the St. John’s River.

As a child, I remember being both enamored and terrified every time we would cross the river.  The massive bridges rose high above the water, and when we traversed one, I was never certain that we would make it across.  My blood pressure and pulse would both lower as soon as we made it over.

Despite my childhood drama, I still acquired a bridge preoccupation.

Recently, I began photographing bridges in Mississippi.  Thus far, I have only visited two sites, but soon hope to travel to others.  You may recall my Weekly Photo Challenge called Eerie, in which I posted a night shot of one of them in Vicksburg.  I’ll post more of those at a later date.

Today, I chose to feature a unique suspension bridge in Byram, MS.

snash byram swinging bridge expanseBuilt in 1905, it crosses the Pearl River.  Listed on the national register of historic places in 1979, it was closed to vehicular traffic in 1987.

I loved the blue sky and bright clouds in the background

I loved the blue sky and bright clouds in the background

When I first discovered the Byram swinging bridge, it was still open to cars.  Back then, I was very young and rather crazy.  The big dare for locals was to accelerate quickly when approaching the bridge, then come to a sudden stop in the center, causing the bridge to bounce in a freakish rocking motion.  This was not the smartest thing to do, since the river below is often deep and known as a habitat for alligators.   I imagine the propensity for this prank is one of the main reasons the bridge later closed to vehicles.

snash byram swinging bridge cablesWith wire cables suspended from two towers, it anchors down on the river bank on both sides.

snash byram swinging bridge side viewThe combination of the wooden planks and the rustic cables makes for a very beautiful sight.

The Pearl River, as seen from the bridge

The Pearl River, as seen from the bridge

Bridges offer a link, connection, or means of coming together.  Christ bridged our way back to God.  By trusting in His sacrifice for our sins, we can become His child and then spend eternity in heaven.  Joining our lives with Him is our decision, though.

snash byram swinging bridge close upCome and let us join ourselves to the LORD
In a perpetual covenant
Jeremiah 50:5

I hope you enjoyed these bridge photos. I will post more soon!

Sue Nash/2013

Fill Me ~ Holy Ghost

Fill Me ~ Holy GhostFill me
From daybreak anew
From pillar unto post
Holy Ghost

Cleanse me
From within, without
From sins forevermore

Shield me
From disasters, foes
From threats at every turn

Guide me
From darkness to Light
From whence I’ve gone before

Teach me
From creation’s tale
From precepts You declare

Free me
From longings askew
From wanderings absurd

Use me
From clay in Your hands
From dust on which You breathed

Keep me
From selfish pursuits
From idols’ empty lure

Fill me
From daybreak anew
From pillar unto post
Holy Ghost

But after that the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;
Titus 3:4, 5

Sue Nash/2013

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Gotta Take Care of Momma

I have a very sweet mom

I have a very sweet mom

But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.
1Timothy 5:8

One of the most touching passages in Scripture is when Jesus delegates over the care of his mother to John.  In spite of His agony on the cross, He focuses on her needs by arranging for her future.  Bottom line ~ Jesus took care of His momma.

A lesson for us.

Some of you no longer have your mom on earth; you would give anything to have her back.  Some have a strained relationship with your mother.  You long to see restoration before it is too late.

For the rest of us, we would do well to follow Christ’s example.  If there is any way possible, we should make every sacrifice possible to look after our mothers or fathers, for as long as we are physically able.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I am trying my best to attend to my mom’s needs.  She took care of me as I grew.  I owe it to her to give back.  I owe it to my dad, because I vowed to look after her when he died.  I also owe it to my Lord.

I think that the account of Christ’s selfless display of love for His mother is in Scripture for a reason.  Taking care of our aged parents should have as much thoughtful priority in our lives.  We don’t love them more than Christ.  However, we don’t love them less than they deserve and He expects.

Caring for our aging parents does need prayer.  For strength, patience and the wisdom to know what is best.  Not unlike what they needed in raising us!

I try to treasure every moment with my mom, because I know that I won’t have her forever down here below.  When I spend time taking care of her, though, I can know that it pleases Christ. 

We gotta take care of momma.  Christ did.

Sue Nash/2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers ~ Of Life

Layers of mushrooms

Layers of mushrooms

Weathered memories
Blanketed heartaches
Tucked between the layers of life

Like this cluster of mushrooms stacked one upon another, our lives contain a myriad of layers.  Of memories and experiences.  Some pleasant; others, not so much.

God is aware of every one.  The joyous, the hurtful.  The successes, the messes.

Although we tend to bury our pain, God offers a path to healing.  He is not responsible for our problems, but loves us despite our mistakes.

No matter the heartaches, He can weave the layers of our lives into a beautiful tapestry.

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

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