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The Best Kind of Father

My dad's Bible

My dad’s Bible

My dad was as close
To perfect as it gets.
He was the kind of father
I will never forget.

Not all are like him;
Some dads were absent.
Yours may have left memories
You wish to forget.

No matter which type
Of earthy dad we were given,
We all have the chance
To know the One up in heaven.

He is the type of Father,
Whose love will erase
All the wounds from your past,
Which your own dad did create.

You may not have had a dad
Who, while on earth, your life did bless.
God understands, though, and loves you more.
Our heavenly Father is the very best.

Abba, Father
Romans 8:15

I sure miss my sweet daddy.  He was so wonderful!  The most important thing he ever taught me, though, was to love my heavenly Father, for which I am forever grateful. 
Blessings, and Happy Father’s Day!

Sue Nash,2013