Friday Feature ~ Letter to the Editor on Life

Feature FridayToday I would like to feature a letter to the editor (Clarion Ledger, MS) by my husband.  He wrote this in response to a Nov. 6, 2013 guest column by abortion activist Sunsara Taylor.  In her article, Action in Texas Intensifies Threat to Miss. Abortion Clinic, she expresses concerns that recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rulings, upholding anti-abortion legislation in Texas, may also threaten the abortion industry in Mississippi.

My husband writes letters to the editor regularly, but this one is my favorite.  He speaks directly to the heart of the abortion debate and offers a powerful rebuttal to Ms. Taylor’s skewed opinions on life.

Today’s feature is his letter,

When Does a Fetus Become a Baby

“I always wonder about someone who says, “The truth: fetuses are not babies, abortion is not murder, and women are not incubators.” And, “Abortion on demand and without apology.”

The only truth there is women are not incubators.

My question to Ms. Taylor is: When does a fetus become a baby? Does the fetus just vanish and a baby appear?

I have a grandson who was born at 24 weeks and was 1lb. 10 oz. He’s now 11 years old. He looked like a baby to me when he was born, although a very small and sickly one.

If he wasn’t born until 28 or 32 weeks, is that when he would have been a baby? A full-term baby is considered 37-40 weeks. What if a healthy mother was in a car accident at 36 weeks and the baby had to be taken out? When is the transition from fetus to baby. Even though it is out of the womb early, do we have to call it a fetus for another week?

A life growing inside a woman is a baby. That makes abortion murder. Call it what it is.”

Jim Nash
Nov. 25, 2013
Letter to the Editor
Clarion Ledger

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11 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ Letter to the Editor on Life

  1. PaperGiftsForEstefany

    Hi Sue, Happy Thanksgiving (belated) to you and your hubby – he’s a brave man! 🙂 I was present recently at a 19 week ultrasound. The little one was clearly agitated as the radiographer was pushing him around. I’m guessing you’ve heard Abby Johnson’s story? She was formerly a Planned Parenthood director. Then one day, a new doctor came in who performed his abortions by ultrasound. She was asked to assist. Her eyes were opened. She was totally sicked by what she saw, walked out and never went back. Here is her site:

    I like the way put it: “The Creator is the owner… Indeed, the earth and all the galaxies are His, but there is something about a soul that is of far greater worth. A soul can choose, can worship its Maker, and can reflect the very nature of God. Nothing else in all creation has these powers. Yet He owns all souls… for He has created them… At each conception He supplies a newly created, eternal soul.”

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      I didn’t have time yesterday to fully respond back to your thoughtful remarks. I agree so much with everything you wrote. We are indeed uniquely created and viable inHis eyes. Thanks for sharing and posting the link. I had heard if Abby’s story and think I heard her interviewed on Fox News once. Remarkable testimony. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Heidi Viars

    What a powerful letter. You are right, it addresses the issue head on. Thank you for standing up for those who can’t do that for themselves. Blessings to you and your family. Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Enjoy this season of celebrating Jesus.


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