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Right On Time

Right on TimeSome people say
Gods judgments are
far off,
Or since His coming’s
  that His word is naught.

Don’t be deceived,
God is faithful and true.
Everything He decreed
Will come to pass as issued.

God doesn’t lie;
On Him, you can depend.
Despite what others decry,
His prophecies all transcend.

Believe God’s truth,
Hold fast to every line.
For His own, He’s coming soon;
His word fulfilled, right on time.

Sue Nash/2013

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Friday Feature ~ You

Feature FridayToday I felt led to pour encouragement into those hurting, lonely or sad.  To those beat up from life’s storms.

You feel lost in the shuffle.

Although God does not want us to fall into the trap of self-worship, that never diminishes the truth that He loves us.

That He loves and cares for you.

Today’s feature is about ~


It may not be your birthday,
But God is singing over you with pride.

To others you may not matter,
But you’re the apple of His eye.

You may have little left to give,
But what you offer Him is a pleasing sacrifice.

You may just want to quit,
But in you God’s potential still resides.

Others may have left you high and dry,
But God is ever on your side.

You may not feel that special,
But God knew you before He formed you inside.

You may not feel beautiful,
But all God makes is good and right.

Believe it or not, You matter.
To God.


* “He will rejoice over you with singing” Zephaniah 3:17

* “For he who touches you touches the apple of His eye” Zechariah 2:8

* “I am full, having received from Epaphroditus the things sent from you, a sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God.”  Philippians 4:18

* “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

* “I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” Psalm16:8

* “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” Jeremiah 1:5

* “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

Sue Nash/2013

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit ~ Click It

I've made a habit of clicking mine on before leaving to go anywhere

I’ve made a habit of clicking mine on before leaving to go anywhere

Habit is the challenge this week.  Of all of mine, clicking on my seat belt is one habit that I consider essential.  Since the data strongly suggest that they save lives, I don’t understand why it is not a habit for everyone.

However, seat belts are not one hundred percent in guaranteeing safety behind the wheel, even with defensive driving practices.  While on the road in an automobile, too many things can go wrong.

That is true in life, as well.  Every day, while out on the road of life, we face unknown hazards and uncertainties.  None of us knows what today holds, or have any guarantees that we will still be around tomorrow.  Only God sees what lies ahead.

Before I leave to go anywhere, I make a habit of clicking my seat belt in place.  However, at the start of every day, I also go to the Lord in prayer and commit my safekeeping into His capable hands.  He knows the number of my days.

God does ask that we use the good judgment He gave us, so I will continue my habit of buckling.  When it comes to my well-being, though, I place my trust in God.  Come what may, my life clicks better with Him.

“Do not boast about tomorrow,
For you do not know what a day may bring forth.”
Proverbs 27:1

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From The Daily Post

Sue Nash/2013

Singing Off the Wall ~ Finding Balance With Worship Styles

Singing Off the Wall

“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”
Romans 12:10

You’ve probably seen it too.  Churches splitting over the style of worship songs.  One group likes only contemporary, but the other prefers hymns.

The newer music increasingly dominates.  Hymnals are becoming outdated, replaced instead by words projected by PowerPoint on large screens on the walls.  A practice my dad appropriately nicknamed, singing off the wall.

Some churches try to solve the dispute by having different services for the types of songs. The early am crowd gets traditional and the later rocks to the new.

However, are alternate services, based on worship styles preferences, the answer?
Don’t they by default lead to division?  Sadly, separate worship services rarely fix anything.  The partitioned music preferences only widen divisions in local fellowships. 

What is the solution, then?  Do we develop an all or nothing approach, where only one type is used?

I don’t have any expert musical training on the matter, just an opinion.  But I base it on discussions that I have had with both camps, through casual conversations over the years.

Here is what I’ve learned:

The Older Style Worship Camp

Those wanting hymns are mostly the middle-aged to elderly.  Even though I knew that already, I discovered something that surprised me.

Most are not totally opposed to the new.  Instead, they simply ask that since their generation is an equally important part of the body of Christ, the music they love be incorporated.  And when sung, that the hymns not be changed, but kept as written, arguing, ‘Why fix something that is not broken?’

A compelling argument.

The Contemporary Style Worship Camp

The contemporary camp is quick to elaborate why they think the new is better.  They point out that in the newer music, we are singing directly to God; however, in the old hymns, the emphasis is on singing about the Lord. 

A point well made. 

Also, many in the newbie camp are open to the older music, but just prefer changing it to a more contemporary beat, and adding new bridges.

Unfortunately, the hymn issue takes us right back to the drawing board in unifying the two groups.

Finding Balance Between the Two Styles

I don’t agree with segregating churches into worship style camps.  As I mentioned above, I think that it only fuels division.  Instead, why not a workable solution that honors both?  A blend of both styles, and ideally at every service.

For the elderly, try having at least one original hymn and keep it as written.  If there still is an avenue of providing hymnals, have these songs sung from a page number out of a book, and not off the wall! 

This may seem like appeasement toward one disgruntled group, but there are certainly Scriptural grounds for honoring our elders.  Besides, there is a generation of young people desperately in need of the truths found in the hymns.

Another option is to have regular times of highlighting the elderly singing solos and/or playing hymns during the services.  There is something so moving about hearing an aging member passionately sing an original hymn.

We also cannot discard the contemporary.  To disregard the new music is like telling God that He no longer inspires.  Even the hymns were controversial when first written.  We must allow for the new.  Churches that completely dismiss them are in error, and they typically do so at the sacrifice of their youth.

The bottom line is balance.  Out of love, we should consider the needs of each group.  There will never be a way to please everyone, but letting love be the guiding principle with any issue is always a win.

I like both styles.  I grew up with hymns, but do have a fondness for the new.  However, I agree with my dad.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to singing off the wall.

I’d love to know ~ what’s your take on the issue?

Come Quickly ~ Rescue Me

Moon Silouhette 2Behold
My crippled heart
And hear
My feeble plea.
In pain and waning hope,
Come quickly,
Rescue me.

My wounded soul
And mend
My faded dreams.
I’ve superfluous tears,
Speak softly,
Restore me.

My fragile fears
And stay
My uncertainties.
In tempestuous storm,
Shine brightly,
Renew me.


Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue;
be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me.”
Psalm 31:2

Have you ever been at this place?  Although I’m not there now, it’s a place I’ve been many times before.  God is always faithful to rescue, so don’t lose heart!

For more of my poems, see Poetry CornerCome Quickly, Rescue MeSue Nash/2013

My Favorite Veteran

Photo of the shadowbox I had made of my dad with his Korean War medals

Photo of the shadow box I had made of my dad with his Korean War medals

On Veteran’s Day, I appreciate the sacrifices of all the men and women who served to keep us free, and I also appreciate those currently serving.  However, my favorite veteran will always be my dad.  Although he now lives in heaven, I am proud of his service to our country as a tank commander on the front lines in the Korean conflict. 

Above is a picture of the shadow box containing his Army photo and medals.  The one medal missing, he never accepted.  Though wounded twice by being shot and requiring surgery on his hand, he refused the Purple Heart, saying that ‘the real heroes are the ones who didn’t come home.

His family disagreed.  He was our hero.

Most of you have read my poem about him, but here’s the link for any who have never read about my Gentle Warrior

Blessings to all our vets as we celebrate their service to our country!

Sue Nash/2013

Don’t Be Afraid ~ Pick Up the Most Important Book in the Room

Since my dad was a Gideon, I will always appreciate their work

Since my dad was a Gideon, I will always appreciate their work

While sitting in a doctor’s office, have you ever seen a Bible?  They are hard to find these days, but when there are among all the other reading materials.  I rarely see anyone choose to read it; yet, it the Bible is the most important book in the room. 

Many times, the Lord has convicted me about this, and even if I have already read His word that day, He asks that I pick up His word and read it silently in public.  I don’t know why, but when I do, there is always a twinge inside me about what others think. 

Why is that? 

Why should what others think matter?  And if they do object, why should it matter to others that we read the Bible?

Although it shouldn’t, it takes courage to pick up a Bible and read it in public. 

If the Lord prompts you to do so, don’t be afraid.  Pick it up.  The Bible is always the most important book in any room.

“Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven”
Psalm 119:89

Sue Nash/2013

Poetry ~ Framed From the Heart

Photo taken at Mynelle Gardens, Mississippi

Photo taken at Mynelle Gardens, Mississippi

Framing sentiments
Unleashed from the heart


Poetry isn’t for all.
I migrate towards it,
But not always effortlessly.
Poetry trains me.

When my pen has free reign
And my pages no end,
I ramble indefinitely.
Poetry tames me.

When my trials overwhelm
And my hope waxes thin,
I unload poetically.
Poetry sustains me.

When my time on earth ends,
And the mysteries in life penned,
  I’ll see how God rhymed it all perfectly,
 That poem will amaze me.

“There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries”
Daniel 2:28

Sue Nash/2013

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Won’t It Be Wonderful There?

After yesterday’s post, I got to thinking about how wonderful that, among other things in heaven, we will get to meet all of our Christian blogging friends.  People we have never seen in person, we will instantly know there. 

An old gospel song kept going through my head all day, one that some of you may not have ever heard before.  Enjoy the blessings contained in this song, and allow God to fill you with the anticipation of heaven’s joyous singing, with heartbells all ringing:

Won’t It Be Wonderful There?

When with the savior we enter the glory land
Won’t it be wonderful there
Ended the troubles and cares of the story land
Won’t it be wonderful there?

Won’t it be wonderful there
Having no burdens to bear
Joyously singing, with heartbells all ringing
Won’t it be wonderful there?

— Instrumental —

Walking and talking with Christ, the Supernal One
Won’t it be wonderful there
Praising, adoring the Matchless Eternal One
Won’t it be wonderful there?

Won’t it be wonderful there
Having no burdens to bear
Joyously singing, with heartbells all ringing
Won’t it be wonderful there?

— Instrumental —

There where the tempest will never be sweeping us
Won’t it be wonderful there
Sure that forever the Lord will be keeping us
Won’t it be wonderful there?

Won’t it be wonderful there
Having no burdens to bear
Joyously singing, with heartbells all ringing
Oh, won’t it be wonderful there?…

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We Are One ~ A Message From Karina

A single rose bloom among many buds

A single rose bloom among many buds

This morning, the Lord awakened me early.  As I spent time with Him in prayer, He prompted me to go to the computer.  Thinking that I needed to write something on His heart, I instead discovered a surprise that He wanted me to see before I went to work today. 

My sweet friend and sister in Christ, Karina, emailed something for me that God laid on her heart, and I am both humbled and honored by this special blessing.  

As I read what she wrote, though, I realized that this message is not just for me, but for each of us, as the body of Christ.  Just as Karina is not exclusively my friend and sister, she is a sister in Christ to every true follower of His.  Although sometimes separated by distance, or have differences based on nationality, race, denomination, etc., if we are truly His, we are intricately connected because of Christ in us.   Because of Him, we are one. 

I thank you, Karina, for taking the time to share this beautiful, yet powerful message.  Those of us who know you through blogging continue to pray for God to equip and strengthen you during this difficult season in your life.  May God continue to use you in powerful ways to encourage others and spread the truth of His word.

We Are One

by Karina Susanto

We are apart by thousand miles of distance; we are apart by tunnel of time. We are apart by seasons. We are apart by culture diversity.


We break barriers that divide us along lines of caste, class, gender, race, nation, and age.

We are Community of Christ and we are walking the path together and called as sisters in Christ

We yearn to be together and feel connected by an unbreakable bond, to find a true home.

We also know that we are not alone in Christ

We walk and work together with all those who proclaim the values of Christ.

We are longs to blessed and be blessing, spreading God’s love, joyful and peace to others

We are one in our belief in the worth of every person and the value of every soul in God’s sight

We are called to be a servant of the Lord through the gifts that God given to us

We are one in knowing that we must do, and not only think.

We are one in generosity. We have many ways of giving.

We avoid debates for fear that in winning the argument we will lose each other

We learn to encourage each other, strengthen each other through our adversity

We are one, called to tell others about the gospel.

We sing Him. We pray Him. Live, see, and think Him.

We lift on high the name: Christ Jesus. We testify of Christ Jesus.

We have faith in him. He makes us one.

We are one in Christ


“So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5

“I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”
John 17:23