Mississippi Fall Ya’ll ~ Glorious Bradford Pears

I loved how the brilliant colors framed the steeple

I loved how the brilliant colors framed the steeple

For many of you, the fall colors have already come and gone.  Where I live, they finally peaked about a week or two ago.

I have always thought the colors pop out more on overcast days.  Unfortunately, when I had the time to get outside with my camera lately, it was either bright sunlit or rainy.  I have learned that with photography, though, you work with the moments you get,

Bradfords are amazing with the variety of colors

Bradfords are amazing with the variety of colors

My focus with this set of fall photos was capturing the beauty of Bradford Pear trees.  Their showy variety of colors in the fall is hard to beat.  Many stay green underneath, and then turn a combination of reds, yellows and oranges.  As seen above, they are like a fall foliage display all in one package. 

brandon fall foilage 2013 3These shots are all of a single row of the trees lining the parking lot of a local church. 

brandon fall foilage 2013 4This angle shows the wall of color lining the lot.  A display of glorious beauty.

Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.
Job 40:10

On my next post, I will showcase some other Mississippi Fall photos.  I hope that you enjoy sharing in our fall, ya’ll!

Sue Nash/2013


15 thoughts on “Mississippi Fall Ya’ll ~ Glorious Bradford Pears

  1. Shelly

    Beautiful fall photos! Being from Kansas and now living in Texas, fall just isn’t the same here in Texas. I miss the change of color on all the leaves. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

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  4. bobby90247

    The only way I know it’s Fall or Winter, is by the “Ads” on T.V.!!! lol

    Oh yeah! And the “couple” of bushes around my house that “actually” lose their leaves for a couple of months. Other than that, “I’d never know!” 🙂

    You know the song, “…it never rains in Southern California…” You have no idea, how much “truth” there is to this statement as it IS basically…65 to 75 degrees…ALL YEAR ‘ROUND!

  5. theywhoseek

    The trees here now are bare and boring. Sleeping and resting up for Spring . . . and for their splendor to reappear. Can’t wait till then but for now these pictures are a good reminder of what’s to come. ~ Blessings ~

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