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Overcoming Hurdles ~ Another Update

Despite many painful hurdles, God keeps putting a smile back on my face

Despite many painful hurdles, God keeps putting a smile back on my face

Hello blogging friends!  Just wanted to update you again on my recovery from surgery:

Things are progressing, but I have had several unanticipated hurdles and setbacks.  With each one, though, God continues to help me overcome and get through.

Although I miss my writing and photos terribly, I am still not quite ready to jump back into blogging, since I only tolerate brief work on my PC.  My iPhone is the only source of connecting to the internet I tolerate, and only limited amounts of that.

I trust you are all doing well.  I hope to engage again soon with reading your posts and sharing through blogging.


“For by You I can run against a troop,
By my God I can leap over a wall.”
Psalm 18:29

*I will open this post up for comments and do my best to reply.  Please let me know of any pray needs of yours, so that I can join with you in lifting them up to the Lord.

No, Never Alone ~ Your Thoughts

You can see more of my images with Scriptures on Heavenly Rain ~ Images

You can see more of my images with Scriptures on Heavenly Rain ~ Images

As soon as I had published my post yesterday, Solitary Snowdrop, I realized that there were some things about loneliness that I had neglected to include. 

Have any of you ever done that?

Fortunately, you – my readers – filled in the gaps where I left off, and I thank you:

Rene Yoshi, from Sweet Rains reminded of how the Holy Spirit brings comfort to us during loneliness, either directly from His presence or by sending someone our way with encouraging hugs.

Joseph Elon Lillie of Lillie-Put pointed out that our loneliness is often more about the pain within rather than our circumstances without, and how that when we allow the Lord to address those issues, the loneliness usually subsides.

Message From the Field shared a Scripture passage from Job 23 as a reminder that we are not alone when feeling so. 

Mikey of Hiseternalword shared a link to a wonderful post of his about loneliness called, Friend of the Lonely.  I hope he forgives me for misspelling his name on my reply!

Bill with Unshakable Hope shared his insights comparing religion vs relationship with God: “Religion = loneliness, relationship is fellowship.”  So true!

Jennifer with Fragrant Grace reminds us of the importance of prayer for those feeling lonely and rejected.  I know for myself that it is all to easy to forget the pain of loneliness, and to neglect offering encouragement and prayer for those still hurting.

Lilka of B is for Blessed offered her encouragement about my post,

as did Hope from Little Pix of Hope,

my friend Jane, and so many others through their Likes

After reading your lovely comments, and receiving blessings from the encouraging Likes, I realized that there is yet one more source of loneliness.  It can happen to any of us in the realm of blogging. 

I think back to a little over a year ago when I first began publishing my writing on Word Press. I had very few followers and little feedback. Having never had the courage until then to share my thoughts openly, it was disheartening. It left me feeling lonely and lost in the big world of blogging.  At times, I still feel that way.

How very grateful I am now to have more readers, and to receive such thoughtful comments as the ones I shared.  I appreciate you, my lovely readers.

One thing I have learned is that blogging is not just about throwing my thoughts out there; it is also about interacting with others.  I have found so many wonderful sites and made many friends through blogging.  It is through connecting with others that the loneliness felt in this arena dissipates.

That said, though, the most important thing for us to remember is that God cares about everything we post, whether or not we receive any likes or feedback.  He is pleased with our sacrifices of exalting His name. 

Even in blogosphere, we are never alone if we have Him.  Never.

I’ll end today’s post with an old hymn that goes along with our thoughts on loneliness.  Enjoy this Golden Oldie, 

Never Alone

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*Please note: if you happened to read my post from yesterday, and offered any comments after my publishing today’s, I apologize for not including your thoughts.  I do so very much appreciate you!  Also, sorry for the infrequent posts. Sadly, I am still struggling with my neck and will do a post soon about my plans.
Blessings, Sue







This Too Shall Pass ~ Enduring the Cold

A snowy scene from Colorado

A snowy scene from Colorado

I have finally returned to my blogging after the holidays.  Some of you may have thought that I got lost in a blizzard or something.  I did not get lost, but was just incredibly busy from traveling and recuperating.  Travel is never easy on my spine.

We spent Christmas with our family in Colorado this year.  I took this photo the morning we left.  Although the mountains always have snow this time of year, the Denver area was fairly dry.  Since I didn’t make it up to the hills for a ski trek with my husband and son, this was the most snow that I saw.

Even though scanty, I got excited about the snow, which fascinated some of our family out there.  I lived in Colorado for several years, so it is not as if I have never seen it before.  However, now that I live down South, I rarely get to make snow angels.

I miss the glittering beauty and hushed serenity of snow.  What I don’t miss, though, is the cold.

I realize that compared to much of the nation, I have no reason to complain about the cold.  For those of you up North, with temps below zero, I extend my sincere sympathies and prayers that you stay warm.

We are going to get our fair share of the cold this week in Mississippi.  Time for hot tea and layers of warm clothes.  And for remembering that this too shall pass!

“From the chamber of the south comes the whirlwind,
and cold from the scattering winds of the north.”
Job 37:9

Blessings as you try to stay warm.
*P.S. No promises on how often I will blog, since I still can’t seem to snap out of the post-holiday fog, but at least I am back!  And I look forward to reading your posts again.

Gotta Take Care of Momma

I have a very sweet mom

I have a very sweet mom

But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.
1Timothy 5:8

One of the most touching passages in Scripture is when Jesus delegates over the care of his mother to John.  In spite of His agony on the cross, He focuses on her needs by arranging for her future.  Bottom line ~ Jesus took care of His momma.

A lesson for us.

Some of you no longer have your mom on earth; you would give anything to have her back.  Some have a strained relationship with your mother.  You long to see restoration before it is too late.

For the rest of us, we would do well to follow Christ’s example.  If there is any way possible, we should make every sacrifice possible to look after our mothers or fathers, for as long as we are physically able.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I am trying my best to attend to my mom’s needs.  She took care of me as I grew.  I owe it to her to give back.  I owe it to my dad, because I vowed to look after her when he died.  I also owe it to my Lord.

I think that the account of Christ’s selfless display of love for His mother is in Scripture for a reason.  Taking care of our aged parents should have as much thoughtful priority in our lives.  We don’t love them more than Christ.  However, we don’t love them less than they deserve and He expects.

Caring for our aging parents does need prayer.  For strength, patience and the wisdom to know what is best.  Not unlike what they needed in raising us!

I try to treasure every moment with my mom, because I know that I won’t have her forever down here below.  When I spend time taking care of her, though, I can know that it pleases Christ. 

We gotta take care of momma.  Christ did.

Sue Nash/2013

Friday Feature ~ One Woman

Feature FridayI already featured my blogging friend and sister in Christ, Karina, from Karina’s Thought.   However, she recently posted a wonderful series called, Woman of Faith These delightful articles inspired me to write a poem comparing various women of Scripture. 

Since some of my readers may not also follow Karina (although you really should!), you may click the underlined link below to see how she featured my poem today.  Many thanks to Karina for her encouragement to others.  She is a genuine woman of faith!

One Woman

as posted on
Karina’s Thought

Sue Nash/2013

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Friday ~ What I Missed

Feature Friday

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

I missed your posts while I was spending time in the woodshed.  Although I would love to go back for the entire week and read each one, I do not know how to balance that with my work and family obligations. 

For this Friday Feature post, I would love for you to pick one of your favorites from what you wrote during the week of Sept. 9th and post a link and brief description under the comments section here.  That way, I can enjoy reading some of what I missed; others will be blessed, too, as we hear from you!

Blessings on your Friday.