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Friday Feature ~ Byram Swinging Bridge, MS

The Swinging Bridge of Byram, MS

The Swinging Bridge of Byram, MS

For some strange reason, I have a fascination with bridges.  It might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, a city with several bridges spanning the St. John’s River.

As a child, I remember being both enamored and terrified every time we would cross the river.  The massive bridges rose high above the water, and when we traversed one, I was never certain that we would make it across.  My blood pressure and pulse would both lower as soon as we made it over.

Despite my childhood drama, I still acquired a bridge preoccupation.

Recently, I began photographing bridges in Mississippi.  Thus far, I have only visited two sites, but soon hope to travel to others.  You may recall my Weekly Photo Challenge called Eerie, in which I posted a night shot of one of them in Vicksburg.  I’ll post more of those at a later date.

Today, I chose to feature a unique suspension bridge in Byram, MS.

snash byram swinging bridge expanseBuilt in 1905, it crosses the Pearl River.  Listed on the national register of historic places in 1979, it was closed to vehicular traffic in 1987.

I loved the blue sky and bright clouds in the background

I loved the blue sky and bright clouds in the background

When I first discovered the Byram swinging bridge, it was still open to cars.  Back then, I was very young and rather crazy.  The big dare for locals was to accelerate quickly when approaching the bridge, then come to a sudden stop in the center, causing the bridge to bounce in a freakish rocking motion.  This was not the smartest thing to do, since the river below is often deep and known as a habitat for alligators.   I imagine the propensity for this prank is one of the main reasons the bridge later closed to vehicles.

snash byram swinging bridge cablesWith wire cables suspended from two towers, it anchors down on the river bank on both sides.

snash byram swinging bridge side viewThe combination of the wooden planks and the rustic cables makes for a very beautiful sight.

The Pearl River, as seen from the bridge

The Pearl River, as seen from the bridge

Bridges offer a link, connection, or means of coming together.  Christ bridged our way back to God.  By trusting in His sacrifice for our sins, we can become His child and then spend eternity in heaven.  Joining our lives with Him is our decision, though.

snash byram swinging bridge close upCome and let us join ourselves to the LORD
In a perpetual covenant
Jeremiah 50:5

I hope you enjoyed these bridge photos. I will post more soon!

Sue Nash/2013