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Friday Feature ~ Saturate Me Again

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

*Still not doing well with neck.  Found out today that my vertigo/ear problems are related to the neck problem.  As a result, posts take me a considerable amount of time to create, because extended periods on my PC aggravates the symptoms.  I can only work on them for short periods every few days.  Thanks for your continued patience and prayers.  I have an MRI scheduled for next week.

Last July, I posted a poem called Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God.  The poem with pictures was one of my more popular posts.

I decided to re post the poem, but use different photos that tie in with the message.  I used two photos that I took of daffodils, and then adjusted the colors for the effects using the Hue/Saturation panel in Photoshop Elements.

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

 I removed all the yellows, rendering the daffodils void of color.

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Apart from Christ, my life is void and without meaning.  Apart from Him, I am nothing.

Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God

I submit
To Your cleansing.
My life,
I surrender.
Forgive Me,
  Make my heart brand new.

I listen
  For Your voice.
My spirit,
I yield.
Fill me,
Help me follow You.

I discover
Your presence.
My desires,
I relinquish.
  Saturate me,
That I resemble You.

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”
John 3:30

I want God to continually saturate me with His presence ~ over and over again.

*Do you have a favorite of the photos?  I always love your feedback!

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Feature FridayWords and photos by Sue Nash © 2014


Fill Me ~ Holy Ghost

Fill Me ~ Holy GhostFill me
From daybreak anew
From pillar unto post
Holy Ghost

Cleanse me
From within, without
From sins forevermore

Shield me
From disasters, foes
From threats at every turn

Guide me
From darkness to Light
From whence I’ve gone before

Teach me
From creation’s tale
From precepts You declare

Free me
From longings askew
From wanderings absurd

Use me
From clay in Your hands
From dust on which You breathed

Keep me
From selfish pursuits
From idols’ empty lure

Fill me
From daybreak anew
From pillar unto post
Holy Ghost

But after that the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;
Titus 3:4, 5

Sue Nash/2013

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Heed God’s Warnings to Avoid Sin

 Goldenrod ~ taken with a zoom so I didn't have to get too close!

Goldenrod ~ taken with a zoom so I didn’t have to get too close!

Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. 
Proverbs 4:14, 15

For the past week, my blogging has been sporadic.  It has not been due to a lack of ideas or interest; instead, I have been a little under the weather with a sinus infection.  My seasonal allergies flare up mostly in the spring and fall, but it is usually the fall when I experience the crud.  I am not sure, but I think that Goldenrod is one of my culprits.

In Mississippi, Goldenrod blooms prolifically in fall.  Their stark flowers brighten fields and landscapes with splashes of gold, but I try to avoid close exposure.  If I stay outdoors near their vicinity, I get a golden headache!

The Need to Avoid the Temptation to Sin

From a spiritual standpoint, there are things or situations that we should avoid, too.  Of course, we should keep clear of overt sins, but what about those little ways in which we set ourselves up for straying.  The danger signs are often as visible as Goldenrod, and we know we could get into trouble spiritually, but instead of shunning them, we draw near.

We each have our particular areas of temptation.  One I struggle with is gossip.  A conversation about someone can start benign, but then rapidly deteriorate into bad-mouthing.  What begins as simply discussing how a person is faring turns into an opportunity to criticize shortcomings.

God’s Warnings Help Us Avoid Sin

Before I succumb, the Holy Spirit always gives me a gentle nudge as a sign to refrain.  He draws a subtle line to warn me to stop before crossing over into gossip.  Sadly, I do not always obey.

I am doing better, though, as God teaches me how to avoid this detestable sin.  By heeding His clear warning signs, if conversations turn toward gossip, I either change the subject or walk away.  And I try to not be the instigator!

Since sin is so damaging to us spiritually, God lovingly places roadblocks to keep us out of harm’s way.  He always offers us an avenue of escape.

When I stay clear of allergy triggers, my sinuses are happy.  When we heed God’s warning signs and avoid stumbling into sin, it pleases Him.

Sue Nash/2013

The Sweet Fragrance of Christ

Gardenia beauty

Gardenia beauty

Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.
2 Corinthians 2:15

Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers, mostly because of their sweet fragrance.  Preferences about fragrances differ, though.  I have a neighbor who detests plants like gardenias because of that same sweet smell.

Although I disagree, the reason for our dispute has nothing to do with the appearance of the flower, rather the characteristics of its scent.  Aromatic flowers like gardenias have what I call in your face fragrance.  A fragrance detected before you even see them, and one that grows stronger the closer in proximity you get.  When around gardenias, you either love them or not, because their aroma is distinctive and pervasive. 

My bouquet of gardenias

My bouquet of gardenias

I recently brought home a fresh-cut bouquet into our home, but had to move it from where I had it in the dining room to our sunroom.  Their scent can literally take over the air around them, and since taste involves the sense of smell, our food was beginning to taste like gardenias!  I don’t want them in my salad, but I still love them and look forward to their blooms each summer. 

The Fragrance of Christ is Distinct

Our lives as Believers should emit an equally distinctive and pervasive fragrance of Christ-likeness.  Our walk with the Lord should differ so from that of unbelievers that it is blatant.  No one should doubt to Whom we belong, because of the fruit of the Spirit, so vividly on display in our lives that even strangers spot the difference when we walk in the room.  The closer others get, the more evident the aroma of Christ.  At least, that is how we should live.

Arguably, though, we all fail in allowing the fragrance of Christ to pervade our daily walk. Many times, instead of a sweet aroma, we emit the stench of the old Adam by letting self-control quench a Spirit-led life.  Then, we merely blend in with the world around us.  Hindered is the sweet aroma of Christ, with its life-giving distinctiveness for a lost and dying world.

God knew we would struggle.  That is why He gave us the Holy Spirit, who continually changes us to resemble Christ.  Even in our frailty, God uses us as conduits of His aroma to the world.  Unfortunately, not all respond.

The Fragrance of Christ Confronts

Just as opinions vary on fragrances, the same holds true with the aroma of Christ.  It is the same kind of in your face scent.  When confronted with the presence and truth of Christ, it either attracts or repels.  Others either accept the Christ in us or refuse Him.  They either love Him or not. 

I love gardenias so much that I have a hard time comprehending why others do not. To me, their fragrance is nothing short of heavenly.  I love the Lord so much that I struggle grasping why not everyone does.  His fragrance is heavenly, for Jesus was heaven-sent.  He wants the world to taste and see that He is good, but what is good to taste must first start with a savory aroma. 

Does your life routinely emit the fragrance of Christ?

Let us each be increasingly mindful of how our lives are a fragrance rising up to God, and grow by allowing the Spirit to emit His sweet aroma to those around us. 

In my next post, I will share some more gardenia photos and relate another reason I love them so much.

Of Horses, For Mouths Part II ~ How to Bridle the Mouth

Bridle My Mouth 2

~Before sharing Part II, and so that these words will not come across as though I have it all together, I need to emphasize how I struggle in these areas.  In fact, I really blew it yesterday!  God does not want us to give up, though.  He wants us free in both areas of bridling our mouths so that we can use them for what He intended, bringing praise and glory to Him with our lives!  Blessings in the fight!

To understand about bridling the mouth, we must grasp the problem first.  Scripture is clear about matters of uncontrolled tongues.  Out of the abundance of the heart man speaks.  With our words, we merely spew out what we have stored up.  When poisoned with hatred, bitterness and such, the heart’s venom simply bubbles out.

Unbridled eating is trickier to peg.  Christ is clear that nothing we eat will defile the heart.  Instead, chronic lack of self-control with food is usually just a matter of loving to eat.  Since so much of our socializing involves food, and since there are true physiological factors that can alter one’s appetite, problems with overindulgence of food is harder to scrutinize.  We know, too, that Christ spent much time dining with others; He showed a fondness for good food!

I love to eat, and do not even get me started about chocolate (can I get a witness?), but avoiding the issue of overindulgence is a mistake.  Although not true in every situation, unbridled eating can be symptomatic of a defiant heart that refuses the Spirit’s call for moderation.  With either incessant overeating or unbridled tongues, the problems could stem from pride.  Here is why.

Pride quenches the Holy Spirit.  It blocks His bridling work.  Pride allows self to say whatever it wants about someone, opposite of allowing the Holy Spirit to soften the heart with God’s love.  Pride permits self to give in to selfish abandon by chronic overeating, rather than yielding to the Spirits control.

When pride rules, I feel completely entitled to rip others apart, and am incapable of seeing my own wrongs.  I feel entitled to lash out at someone who wronged me.  When pride dominates, I deserve that chocolate syrup-topped ice cream every night.  I owe it to myself to always super-size my fast food meals, regardless of how it makes me feel or what my lipid profile reveals.  Notice the I’s and Me’s?  Tell tale symptoms of pride.

 To help with bridling our words, I found this recent suggestion of three simple tongue gatekeepers.  Before speaking about someone, ask yourself,

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

I like these gatekeepers.  It reminds me of the principle of letting the law of kindness always be on my lips.  God wants us to use kind words with others, but it takes work.  I should know, since I am one of His slowest learners in this area!  However, sensitivity and yielding to the Spirit will produce the fruit of kindness on our lips.

If I had it all together with food, I would probably be busy running a highly successful weight management company!  For some, especially for those of us with sweet cravings, this area is an enormous battle and takes discipline.  Any successes I have experienced have come when I value His presence and taking care of His temple more than the extra food which I think I need.  When I instead exchange my bondage to food with devotion to Him, He blesses me.  I feel healthy and encouraged to hunger and thirst for Him more.  However, as I said earlier, I am a long way from perfection in bridling my mouth.  In fact, one reason I wrote this is to motivate myself!

To help with bridling what we ingest, I came up with my own mouth gatekeepers.  For me, even remembering one will help.  Perhaps I will post them on my refrigerator!

Is it necessary?
Is it beneficial?
Is it really going to satisfy?

With either area, the bottom line is that we MUST HAVE GOD’S HELP!

I do wish I had grown up on a farm, but I would have had much to learn.  I am still skittish around horses, and understand even less about bridling them.  By the power of Christ in me, though, I am learning to bridle my mouth by letting Him bridle my heart.  Perhaps city slickers can bridle after all!

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