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Steadfast in the Lord ~ Snippets of Rain

Rock formations along the Pacific coast

Rock formations along the Pacific coast

Keep writing,
Keep serving.
Don’t give up.
I will keep filling you
With more and more of Me,
You’ll see.

Do any of you get discouraged in serving the Lord?  Do you ever feel as though your service unto the Lord is in vain?  I do.

God does not want us to give up.  Allow this truth to soak into your weariness.

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:58

Whether it is writing, ministering or simply shining the light of God at the workplace or at home, He sees every effort.  He is pleased with our offerings.  None of what we do for Him is ever in vain.

Blessings in serving.

Sue Nash/2013

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Snippets of Rain


What Ever Happened to Awe?

Awe in sunset

Awe in God’s sunsets ~ I intentionally kept the photo underexposed for a more dramatic effect

Awe – Fear mingled with admiration or reverence; reverential fear. 
Noah Webster 1828 ~ American Dictionary of the English Language

What ever happened to awe?
Did we lose it by wearing flip-flops to church?
Did we chase it away by dressing how we want?
Since man looks on the outside, but God sees into the heart, then most certainly not.

If not dress, then what happened to our fear of God?
Did it weaken by our type of worship?
Did it flee because we left hymns out?
Though some would affirm this, one type of worship song cannot define God, so on this point I really doubt.

If not because of music, then what has brought this lack of awe about?
Have we turned our churches into social clubs?
Have we taught our youth that fun and games are what going there means?
Gimmicks do diminish the simple message of the cross, and since it is close to the source, from this we all should glean.

Has replacing the cross with a watered-down message caused it?
Or could the answer be because somewhere in the mix, of teaching primarily and only about grace, the mention of hell many intentionally leave out?
Could it be that, so as not to offend or come across as intolerant, they fail to warn people about eternity’s horrific side?

Though God is love, apart from true salvation in Christ is the certainty of His judgment, and not proclaiming this truth anymore is right where the problem resides.

I realize that the very mention of hell will send many running, convinced I misunderstand God’s love.
For talk of hell is no longer in vogue, reserved instead by former preachers of fire and brimstone.

Yet, omitting hell from the discussion of our faith renders no real understanding of the extent of God’s grace.
The plight, of what happened to awe, is one that must point back to the purpose of grace in the first place.

Though grace cost us little, it cost our Savior everything, and He did so to keep us from living an eternity in torment.
Out of love, Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins to keep those who accept Him from having to face a horrible end.
The hell we deserve because of sin, God never intended that any should dwell there apart from Him.
By confronting the reality of a literal hell apart from Christ, and then comprehending what He did to reverse this awful sentence on our behalf, is the surest way to restore awe in God once again.

What are your thoughts?  What ever happened to awe?

Sue Nash/2013

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Whatever Happened to Awe Poetry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece ~ God’s

We are God's masterpiece

We are God’s masterpiece

God created mankind in His own image
Genesis 1:27

Webster defines masterpiece as, “a work done with extraordinary skill; especially, a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.”

God made humans in His own image, a distinction He did not give to any other of creation.  We are His masterpiece.

The photo is of my husband gently holding our granddaughter’s delicate hand.

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Sue Nash/2013

Friday Feature ~ Deeply Rooted

Feature FridayI have decided to simplify Friday Feature.  Rather than share several details about my featured authors/websites, I will just give a short opinion about why I like the site and then give readers the link.  Although each of the authors I already featured expressed much gratitude, this revised format avoids my having to get prior permission and prevents me from coming across as too up close and personal with other bloggers.

Occasionally, if I already know the author or if it is a family type feature, I will offer more details, but for the others I will simplify.

Today’s Friday Feature is:

Deeply Rooted in Him
by Shelly

If you are looking for a fabulous online Bible study, I encourage you to check out Shelly with Deeply Rooted in Him.  Shelly just completed a series on the book of James, a boot camp style study, and recently began Ephesians.  If interested, you can jump on board right where we are, or follow her links to earlier posts. 

Shelly does her homework, and teaches verifiable truths and commentary based on Scripture.  Her insights continue to amaze me as to their timeliness in my life.  This is a result of how she allows God to direct these studies.

All you need to do to join her site is to sign up by email, or click Follow if already on WordPress.

To Shelly ~ you are a great teacher and I appreciate your faithfulness to lead us in the study of God’s word!

The above information is this author’s opinion only.
Sue Nash/2013

Bringing in the Sheets ~ Mundane Things Matter to God

A recent photo of my mom ~ taken by my brother, Chuck

A recent photo of my mom ~ taken by my brother, Chuck

I wrote this a while back, but decided to post it now in honor of my sweet mom.  She is seventy-eight years old today, and brings blessings to every life she touches.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Bringing in the Sheets

 When I was young, we used to sing a hymn in our church that went something like this:

 “Bringing in the sheets, bringing in the sheets,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheets.”

At least, that is what I thought we were singing.  Never having heard the word sheaves, I just thought that for some reason it made God happy if we did not leave sheets hanging on the clothesline.  Not understanding why, I nevertheless joyfully sang along about the sheets.

I later learned that sheaves represent souls, and that this song is a reference to a passage in Psalms, where after sowing with tears the precious seed of God’s truth, we will one day present a harvest of souls reaped for Him. (Psalm 126:6)

Mundane Things Can Show the Love of God

Although I understand the song’s meaning now, I question whether as a child I was that off base.  I got to thinking about the rather mundane task of bringing in the sheets, and remembered how when growing up my mother would always hang our laundry outside.  Even though we had a dryer, she was more accustomed to saving on electricity, and just much preferred the freshness of things dried outside. 

The rigors of clothesline laundering were tiring, but I never heard my mother complain.  She routinely performed this mundane task, out of love for her family.  Memories of her loving hands caring for us caused me to consider that perhaps God is pleased when we bring in the sheets.

As Christians, we tend to think that to harvest souls, we must do the extraordinary.  We view soul winning as something reserved for missionaries, or as lengthy gospel presentations by visitation teams through our church.  However, what if there are equal opportunities in the mundane?  Little, seemingly insignificant things we can do to sow the love of Christ.  

Mundane Things Can Soften Hearts Toward God

Life provides many such opportunities.  Things like helping an elderly woman carry her groceries, showing kindness to the checker at the supermarket, or simply smiling in the bank line when everyone else is complaining.  With every little thing done and by throwing in a sincere nugget of I’m praying for you here or a God bless you there, it shines His love even more. 

There are many small measures, which if done for Him, could be the very ones that soften cold, sin-hardened hearts toward God.  They could be the precursors of readiness for when an opportunity presents for the gospel.

I doubt I will ever hear the old hymn, Bringing in the Sheaves, without getting a mental picture of my mom toting the laundry basket back from the clothesline.  Like a loving mother, caring for her family by drying their sheets outside to fill them with freshness of a summer breeze, we have many ordinary opportunities in life to demonstrate the love of God.

 If we have faithfully sown seeds of God’s love and truth, we will doubtless enter heaven rejoicing, bringing in sheaves.  He will honor our faithfulness in the harvest.  He will also be pleased with our record of well-doing in seeming mundane efforts for Him.  God will rejoice that we brought in the sheets!

Sue Nash/2013

The Parable of the Prodigal’s Mom

Bright sun with blue sky

Bright sun with blue sky ~ better days ahead

The Parable of the Prodigal’s Mom

When he came for his inheritance
To go see what there was out there,
His father consented to send him off,
But to watch him leave his mom just could not bear.

When he had been long gone
And his whereabouts were unknown,
His father was sure he would be alright,
But only on her knees in prayer did his mom keep hanging on.

When he spent his time in reveling
And his folly was rumored wide,
His father continued to stay afloat,
But his mom sunk to the ocean floor and cried.

When he fell flat on his face
And began faltering in his wrong,
His father waited patiently in silence,
But his mom spent sleepless nights fearing something was going on.

When he realized things were not working out
And started awakening to the truth,
His father remained unwaveringly steadfast,
But his mom only cautiously began hoping anew.

When he remembered how things used to be
And longed to return from whence he strayed,
His father expectantly awaited his return,
But his mom still wondered if she’d ever see his face.

When he wisely considered his ways
And began his journey back so full of need,
His father met him a long way off,
But his mom thought it was simply too good to believe.

When he met his father on the road
And found open arms instead of shame,
His father gladly welcomed him home,
But such joy his mom could scarce contain.

When he safely made it home
And embraced the love he once had scorned,
His father began the celebration,
And his mom at last rejoiced knowing her son had been reborn.

My prayer is that this will be an encouragement to any mothers of prodigals struggling to keep hanging on.  God loves prodigals, and continually woos them back, but He also understands the brokenness of a mother’s heart, whose child has strayed far from home.

From His Heart for blogSue Nash/2013

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Mark the Blameless ~ Their Future is Peace

Photo of wall mural in an Old Town San Diego restaurant

Photo of wall mural in an Old Town San Diego restaurant

Mark the perfect man.
Watch him,
Watch his life.

Will he fall?
Sure, he will.
Will he stumble?
He most certainly will.

But watch that man following God.
Very soon, he will get back up.
He will once again find peace.

Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright; For the future of that man is peace.
Psalm 37:37

*This is true of any man or woman following God. 

I have always loved this verse.  Christians have trials and fall down like everyone else, but God does not leave us in that place.  With His help, we get back up.  Because of Christ, we always return to a place of victory and peace. 

Do you know the One who will turn your life around and bring peace in the midst of any storm?  You can know Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  Call to Him today, ask for His mercy for your sins and surrender to Him as Lord.  Jesus will give you a peace that passes all understanding.

Sue Nash/2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh ~ Every Morning

God's word is always fresh

God’s word is always fresh

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.
Lamentations 3:23

Every time I read God’s word, it is always new and fresh.  Without a doubt, His mercies begin afresh each day. 

Lamentations is a book of the Bible about mourning.  The Jewish people had witnessed the destruction of their temple and had become slaves to the Babylonians, all due to their disobedience to God.  Yet, in the midst of their bondage, God promised mercy to any of them who returned to Him. 

Lamentations with large roseJust as for them, no matter how many times we fail, God’s mercy is available when we sincerely repent and return to Him. 

His fresh mercy astounds me the dawn of each new day. 

Sue Nash/2013

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From The Daily Post:  “Fresh ~ The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it – it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown) and it’s a taste or sensation (cool, sweet, invigorating, refreshing).”