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Elizabeth ~ A Special Gem

Elizabeth framedToday, my mother-in-law would have been ninety-eight.   We miss you, Elizabeth!

She was my mother-in-law, but before that, a dear friend.
We had much in common; like me, she was an RN.
One of my favorite memories was the year she became my traveling European companion.
That prior closeness we shared made it very easy to choose her son as my husband.

She was a devoted wife, and cared for her husband as he suffered with his emphysema plight.
Although she loved her man, nobody messed with her kids because they were the true joy of her life.
To her three children she imparted her values, and taught them to live responsibly and right.
They never doubted her love; to repay her, when she needed them most, they all stood by her side.

She was a woman of deep faith and had a true relationship with the Lord.
That none of her children continued in their Catholic upbringing, certainly saddened her to the core.
She finally accepted their walk with God, though, so as not to let the differences bring discord.

However, she never quit proselytizing by leaving subtle hints and her church’s brochures!

She was a reserved person, but at the same time, spoke her mind as she saw fit.
Because of her quiet demeanor, however, others sometimes did dismiss.
Yet, those who took the time to know her discovered her endearing qualities and dry wit.
Soft spoken and genuine, she was the kind of person you just never forget.

She was resourceful and frugal to a fault.
Like many of her generation, she rarely discarded things she bought.
However, when you needed something, you felt sure she would have it about.
If not, she would go out of her way to order it from one of her many catalogs.

She had an amazing green thumb and many interests.
Her specialties in growing plants were shamrocks and violets.
With her many talents, like her crocheting, she blessed others with gifts.
My favorite of her talents, though, was how she could watch two soap operas at the same time, and with neither one miss a lick!

She had ageless charm and beauty; her thoughtful ways, she maintained to the end.
To those of us who loved her, we thought of her as a special gem.
Although we miss her very much, we know that we will see her again. 
What I look forward to most is when she greets me the way she always did, by asking,
Loretta Sue, how have you been?”

*Footnote- Elizabeth is the only person who ever called me by my full name.  Knowing she did so out of love, each time was special.

Sue Nash/2013



Our wedding cake decoration

This ornamental decoration sat atop our lovely wedding cake. 

Many waters cannot quench love
Song of Solomon 8:7

Today, my husband and I celebrate twenty-eight years of marriage.  Like others, we have had our share of difficulties.  However, God has kept us strong, and we still love each other very much.

The adoring look

The adoring look

The long-standing joke by my husband is when I am ever going to get that adoring look back.  He claims that since that moment, as seen above, I have never looked at him again in the same way.  I do still adore him.

Actually, adoration is the key to our success as a couple.  The more I adore Christ, the more I love and appreciate my husband.  The same holds true for him.  When we each individually center our lives on Christ, our marriage thrives.  Apart from the Lord, we could not possibly have weathered the storms life has brought. 

I would like to wish my husband a Happy Anniversary.   I pray that we have many more!

Joyous Friday Feature

Feature FridayLast week, my husband and I finally met our newest grandchildren.  While we love all the others just as much, holding the new ones was very special.  My Friday Feature today is a celebration of our meeting.  To commemorate that meeting, I wrote a poem describing my sentiments in holding the infants for the first time and of spending time with three of our other grandchildren.

A collage of joyous memories

A collage of joyous memories

Holding Joy

Holding joy
Embracing sweetness
Grandchild in my arms
The height of contentment

Chasing smiles
Frolicking with laughter
Grandchild running around
The ultimate in enjoyment

Finding love
Cherishing memories
Grandchild in my life
The epitome of endearment

Sue Nash/2013

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable ~ A Constant Companion

My constant companion of nearly 28 years

My constant companion ~ taken while on our wonderful trip to California

Selecting a subject for this week’s Photo Challenge theme, Companionable, was a no-brainer.  My husband has been by my side, as a faithful companion, for nearly 28 years.  He is my constant companion.

The lyrics below are from a favorite song of ours, and part of our anniversary playlist.  It precisely describes my sentiments about my wonderful companion.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find a recording/video of it online.

Constant Companion
by Mike Reid
‘Turning for Home’

We are born into this world
All of us alone
So alone we must leave
But while we’re here
Were given one another
To have and hold faithfully

Oh, your love
Is my constant companion
As constant as the moon and stars
In a world ever changing
I find it amazing
What a constant companion you are
Oh, what a constant companion you are

There are times in my life
Fear rushes in
Leaving me tired and confused
Then love’s sweet voice
Rises up inside me
And in you my strength is renewed

Oh, your love
Is my constant companion
As constant as the moon and stars
In a world ever changing
I find it amazing
What a constant companion you are
Oh, what a constant companion you are


Blow on
Chilly winds around me
I will not be moved

In a world ever changing
I find it amazing
What a constant companion you are
Oh, what a constant companion you are

**I try not to take for granted my husband’s love and constant companionship.  I am a blessed woman, indeed **

Sue Nash/2013

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From The Daily Post

Friday Praise Report

In dad's arms, going home

In dad’s arms, Greysen going home

Since many of you prayed for my newest additions, I wanted to share a wonderful praise report.  Above is Greysen, my grandson who had a few problems right after birth, and had to spend about 2 weeks in the NICU.  God did an amazing work of turning what could have been a bad situation completely around for good.  Tests are all fine, and he went home this past Wednesday!  God gets all the glory for healing him.

Like a little angel

Like a little angel, Quinn asleep at home

Our lovely new granddaughter, Quinn, was born without complications.  Her mom, however, had a slight delay in going home due to some problems she experienced.  Thankfully, those issues have resolved, and both mom and babe are home.

God is good.  All the time!

As I mentioned in last Friday’s post, we anxiously anticipate meeting both of them next month on a trip to Colorado. 

I do appreciate all of your prayers.  You share in our joy.

Grandma Sue

Feature Friday

Friday Feature ~ Addition

Feature FridayAddition is not always a good thing.  Adding problems can make the ones we already have seem unbearable.  Heaping insult to injury, by further wounding an already suffering heart, is very hurtful.  In many instances, addition can make our lives worse.

On the other hand, addition can be great.  An unanticipated bonus, adding much-needed funds to a fledgling salary is always nice.  Gaining new friends is a special blessing.  Additions like these are wonderful.

Today’s post features one of those special kinds.  This past week, our family grew with the addition of two precious grandchildren.  They make for a total of eight.  My post today is short, but very sweet.  Written by a proud grandmother, bragging on the special treasures of grandchildren, today’s Friday Feature highlights:

Greysen and Quinn
Our newest additions

They were born within 24 hours of each other, but are from different families.  Their parents live near to each other in Colorado, so I am sure that these two cousins will grow up being close.  My husband and I will meet them next month, when we fly out for our first meet and cuddle.  Hopefully, lots of cuddling!

Greysen makes our 7th grandson

                        Another wonderful grandson!

Greysen had some difficulties at first, but is now improving.  I would appreciate your prayers that he would continue to get better and go home from the hospital soon.

Our lovely new granddaughter

                        Our lovely new granddaughter

Quinn is doing great, but her mom continues to have some problems.  Pray that they will both head home soon, too.

I would like to thank all my blogging friends for allowing me a bragging day.  If you are already a grandparent, you will understand this need!

Blessings on your Friday,

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The Circle Back Home ~ Blessings of a Legacy

The circular drive in front of my grandparents ~ parents home

The circular drive in front of my grandparent’s ~ parent’s home

The circle back home
Where memories beckon
and dreams find their

A place of foundation
Where I held my grandfather’s hand,
and adored his towering kindness
Where he unveiled stories behind each rock,
and mesmerized with accounts of journeys around the globe.
Where I rode horsey on his back,
and got zooming car rides around the bend
A place where love was confirmed
and dreams formed.

Grandpa. One of the loves of my life!

Grandpa. One of the loves of my life!

A place of grounding
Where I chose my father’s path,
and admired his uncompromising character
Where he harvested his garden bounties,
provided every grandchild tractor rides.
Where he entertained with his witty humor,
and inspired with his heroic wartime tales
A place where love was guaranteed
and dreams secured.

A place of growing
Where I gleaned from my mother’s wisdom,
and was sustained by her supportive love.
Where she nourished with her palatable meals,
and kept a revolving door to her hospitable home.
Where she listened on any hour or day,
and allowed the grand kids to do just about anything!
A place where love was demonstrated
and dreams soared.

My terrific parents

My terrific parents!

A place of blessing
Where I spoke my wedding vows,
and promised love as a blushing bride.
Where I invited old friends,
and had a garden ceremony in July.

Where I left my dad’s embrace as his only girl,
and kissed my husband as his forever love.
A place where love was united
and dreams intertwined.

Photo of husband and I taken just prior to our wedding

Photo of my husband and I taken just prior to our wedding

A place of security
Where those who enter find refuge,
and those who leave do so in peace.
Where children all feel welcome,
and grown ups come back for more.
Where Daddy took one last garden look,
and Momma longs to see him on heaven’s shore.
A place where love is unending
and dreams endure.

Home. Photo by my brother, Chuck Stephens

Home. Photo by my brother, Chuck Stephens

Continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them
2 Timothy 3:14

My legacy is one of godly blessing, and I do not take it lightly.  Perhaps yours was not; however, today you can begin your own.  Whether you had one or not, you can pass on a godly heritage to your children.  In honor of how I was raised, I am trying to do the same.  God is the only hope for our children and grandchildren.  Will we pick up the baton and pass it on?

Sue Nash/ 2013

A Mother’s Love

A Knock out beauty

A Knock out beauty

A mother’s love is a thing of beauty.  I am so glad to still have my mom.  Although I love flowers, her love is more precious, and more beautiful than any rose.

My Mother

Our family’s rock

Always available to talk

When needed, never balks

Her opinion, always sought

Others’ hearts, her love unlocks

My mom

My sweet mom.  She has blessed countless lives with her giving spirit; in fact, I have had to share her with others in need of a mother’s love.  I have never minded sharing her, though, because her heart of love is big enough for all!  I love you so much, mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Blogging Friends!