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Friday ~ What I Missed

Feature Friday

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

I missed your posts while I was spending time in the woodshed.  Although I would love to go back for the entire week and read each one, I do not know how to balance that with my work and family obligations. 

For this Friday Feature post, I would love for you to pick one of your favorites from what you wrote during the week of Sept. 9th and post a link and brief description under the comments section here.  That way, I can enjoy reading some of what I missed; others will be blessed, too, as we hear from you!

Blessings on your Friday.


Friday Feature ~ SIH

Feature FridayOne thing I have discovered about bloggers is that there are all types of websites, reflective of the different audiences and personalities.  There are authors, photographers, artisans and forums.  There are organizations, businesses and individuals.

My blog features a combination of writing and images, but I follow plenty of sites that focus on message only.  For me, the bottom line is content, preferably posts that sharpen my understanding of the Word or feed my soul.  There does not have to bells, whistles or frills.  Solid biblical truths, informative posts or uplifting messages will suffice, no matter the format.

My Friday Feature is a dynamic, yet no-nonsense website; one that focuses on the consistent teaching of Scriptural truths.  My featured author is:

Settled in Heaven Ministries
by Rob Barkman

Most of you have probably already discovered Settled in Heaven Ministries.  A former pastor, Rob Barkman now uses his gifts of teaching and preaching to point others online to the truth of God’s word.  Rob has a thorough grasp of Scripture and excels at organizing information in a way that is understandable.

Since I have included the Proverbs of the day as part of my study routine for years, one of my favorite of Rob’s is his ‘Think on These Things‘ series.  I love how he takes sections of Proverbs and organizes them based on wisdom principles.

I also enjoy his videos, and along with these he offers text files.

On the Easy Access Home Page, you will find further links to the wonderful study options Rob offers readers:

Latest Postings, Scripture Thoughts, Small Group Bible Studies, Daily Devotionals, Bible Studies, Video Bible Studies

I hope you check out his wonderful site, filled with plenty of study choices and all solid truth.  We love your teaching, Rob!

Sue Nash

Friday Fill in the Blank ~ A Break From the Intense!

Fill in the BlankSince I spent this past week sharing about my Painful Saga, it has been a little intense on my blog.  I am taking a break from this series and will pick back up where I left off next week. 

Today just seemed like a good day for round two of Friday Fill in the Blank.  Instead of my thoughts, I would LOVE to hear from you.  The guidelines are the same.

*Share a verse from your devotion or a song for the day.
*Post a link to your site with a brief summary.

After posting, please read others thoughts and leave a comment. 
Today is a day for connecting with fellow bloggers and directing readers back to your site.

Begin the dialogue.  Simply fill in the blank.

If nobody else needs to hear your thoughts, I sure do! 


Friday Feature ~ The Eagle Has Landed

Feature Friday
Just when I think I have him all figured out, I realize that I don’t.  Although I tried on many occasions to convince my husband to start a blog, he had always ignored my suggestion.  I finally quit nagging and concluded he never would.  Last week, he proved me wrong.  My husband finally launched a WordPress blog.  For this Friday Feature, I am proud to present,

Eagle Has Landed Header Image

The Eagle Has Landed
by Jim Nash

My husband writes what interests him.  Since he loves politics and sports, his site will no doubt include these topics.  Because he is also a Christian and conservative, both viewpoints will be clear, and for neither one is he ashamed.  He is someone who sticks to his convictions.

I have shared with my readers in earlier posts that my husband is a pilot, but he also has a degree in journalism.  You can tell he has this background by his news-oriented style. 

I have always appreciated his attentiveness to the current events of the day, but especially love his research and take on issues.  He will offer readers consistent, conservative insights and informative posts from someone who has a deep love for his country and Lord. 

Blessing as you join Jim on his blogging journey!

Friday Feature ~ Karina’s Thought

Feature FridayAs promised, unless I know the author or want to share personal stories, my Friday Features will now consist of simply a link to a website I enjoy and a short explanation about why.  Although I cannot always endorse every idea, before recommending them, I have followed these sites long enough to give my readers what I consider an informed opinion about their content.

With that in mind, today’s featured site is ~

Karina’s Thought
by Karina Susanto

The longer I read Karina’s writing, the more impressed I am by this talented and ambitious young writer.  Whether by poetry, stories, prayers, inspirational pictures or motivational tips, she blesses and inspires others through her gentle words and challenging messages.

All Karina’s posts are uplifting and come from someone who obviously loves the Lord and has a heart for inspiring others.  I urge all of my readers to visit her site and then sign up to follow.  Blessings are certain to return your way!

The above information is this author’s opinion only.
Sue Nash/2013

Sweet Friday Feature

Feature FridayMostly because I love thoroughness, I can get lost in the moment of whatever I find myself doing.  Since I also love researching, a task many find tedious, I often notice small details.  As a result, I love close-up photography.  To me, the more details in a photo the better, especially when captured with pristine sharpness.

Today’s featured artist is a photographer and author whose images are often of the macro type, which I love so much.  She does something that has captured my attention even more than her pictures, though.  She uses her photography and writing talents to honor God, and along the way inspires others to do the same.  Today’s Friday Feature is:

Rene Yoshi
Sweet Capture Photography
Sweet Rains

Rene states in her About page that she loves capturing images and moments through the lens of a camera.  She does so with skill.  As a photography hobbyist, I have learned so much from Rene’s artistry in her images.  

Because of my busy schedule with nursing, I have limited time to explore photography.  One technique I have not yet learned is using textures with photos.  Rene’s uses of this technique with some of her photos have inspired me to try it.  Here are two of my favorites of hers, in which she uses this lovely technique:

A Single Tulip
The tulip bud is a tiny flower from a bouquet given to her by her daughter.

Crab apple blossom

On her website, Sweet Rains, Rene publishes thoughtful, encouraging posts and usually throws in her own photos to enhance the messages.  In her About page, Rene describes her love of photography, but also for the Bible.  Her messages reflect her love for the Lord, and she always stay grounded in Scripture.

Recently, Rene started something she calls Wisdom Wednesday.  Weekly, she posts proverbs or other wisdom verses from the Bible, along with a comparable proverb or wise saying from a different culture.  Throughout the ages, there have been wise sages, and we can often glean from them.  However, what I have appreciated about these posts is how Rene very clearly shows that all wisdom stems from the God of the Bible.

Follow this link to a recent Wisdom Wednesday

You don’t want to miss her photography blog, though, Sweet Capture Photography.  Here is another of my favorite photos of hers called:


On both of her sites, Rene appreciates feedback and interacts with her readers through prompt replies.  I encourage you to visit them, and click follow to enjoy getting to know Rene through blogging!  You will very much enjoy her posts as she captures sweet images and moments from her life.

Written with permission from Rene Yoshi

Friday Feature ~ Addition

Feature FridayAddition is not always a good thing.  Adding problems can make the ones we already have seem unbearable.  Heaping insult to injury, by further wounding an already suffering heart, is very hurtful.  In many instances, addition can make our lives worse.

On the other hand, addition can be great.  An unanticipated bonus, adding much-needed funds to a fledgling salary is always nice.  Gaining new friends is a special blessing.  Additions like these are wonderful.

Today’s post features one of those special kinds.  This past week, our family grew with the addition of two precious grandchildren.  They make for a total of eight.  My post today is short, but very sweet.  Written by a proud grandmother, bragging on the special treasures of grandchildren, today’s Friday Feature highlights:

Greysen and Quinn
Our newest additions

They were born within 24 hours of each other, but are from different families.  Their parents live near to each other in Colorado, so I am sure that these two cousins will grow up being close.  My husband and I will meet them next month, when we fly out for our first meet and cuddle.  Hopefully, lots of cuddling!

Greysen makes our 7th grandson

                        Another wonderful grandson!

Greysen had some difficulties at first, but is now improving.  I would appreciate your prayers that he would continue to get better and go home from the hospital soon.

Our lovely new granddaughter

                        Our lovely new granddaughter

Quinn is doing great, but her mom continues to have some problems.  Pray that they will both head home soon, too.

I would like to thank all my blogging friends for allowing me a bragging day.  If you are already a grandparent, you will understand this need!

Blessings on your Friday,

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