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No Greater Love ~ Matchless Valentine

Original was a yellow rose, but I changed it to B&W with rosy shading

Original was a yellow rose, but I changed it to B&W and added rosy shading

The rarest treasure
Beyond all measure

For Calvary’s tree
  Paid our penalty

Our sins to cover
For friends and brothers

Cruel agony
Life for you and me

Always room for more
Lost sheep to restore

God’s love
None greater than Thine
Is this Valentine

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
John 15:13

© Sue Nash/ 2014

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We Are One ~ A Message From Karina

A single rose bloom among many buds

A single rose bloom among many buds

This morning, the Lord awakened me early.  As I spent time with Him in prayer, He prompted me to go to the computer.  Thinking that I needed to write something on His heart, I instead discovered a surprise that He wanted me to see before I went to work today. 

My sweet friend and sister in Christ, Karina, emailed something for me that God laid on her heart, and I am both humbled and honored by this special blessing.  

As I read what she wrote, though, I realized that this message is not just for me, but for each of us, as the body of Christ.  Just as Karina is not exclusively my friend and sister, she is a sister in Christ to every true follower of His.  Although sometimes separated by distance, or have differences based on nationality, race, denomination, etc., if we are truly His, we are intricately connected because of Christ in us.   Because of Him, we are one. 

I thank you, Karina, for taking the time to share this beautiful, yet powerful message.  Those of us who know you through blogging continue to pray for God to equip and strengthen you during this difficult season in your life.  May God continue to use you in powerful ways to encourage others and spread the truth of His word.

We Are One

by Karina Susanto

We are apart by thousand miles of distance; we are apart by tunnel of time. We are apart by seasons. We are apart by culture diversity.


We break barriers that divide us along lines of caste, class, gender, race, nation, and age.

We are Community of Christ and we are walking the path together and called as sisters in Christ

We yearn to be together and feel connected by an unbreakable bond, to find a true home.

We also know that we are not alone in Christ

We walk and work together with all those who proclaim the values of Christ.

We are longs to blessed and be blessing, spreading God’s love, joyful and peace to others

We are one in our belief in the worth of every person and the value of every soul in God’s sight

We are called to be a servant of the Lord through the gifts that God given to us

We are one in knowing that we must do, and not only think.

We are one in generosity. We have many ways of giving.

We avoid debates for fear that in winning the argument we will lose each other

We learn to encourage each other, strengthen each other through our adversity

We are one, called to tell others about the gospel.

We sing Him. We pray Him. Live, see, and think Him.

We lift on high the name: Christ Jesus. We testify of Christ Jesus.

We have faith in him. He makes us one.

We are one in Christ


“So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5

“I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”
John 17:23

A Mother’s Love

A Knock out beauty

A Knock out beauty

A mother’s love is a thing of beauty.  I am so glad to still have my mom.  Although I love flowers, her love is more precious, and more beautiful than any rose.

My Mother

Our family’s rock

Always available to talk

When needed, never balks

Her opinion, always sought

Others’ hearts, her love unlocks

My mom

My sweet mom.  She has blessed countless lives with her giving spirit; in fact, I have had to share her with others in need of a mother’s love.  I have never minded sharing her, though, because her heart of love is big enough for all!  I love you so much, mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Blogging Friends!