Friday Feature ~ Addition

Feature FridayAddition is not always a good thing.  Adding problems can make the ones we already have seem unbearable.  Heaping insult to injury, by further wounding an already suffering heart, is very hurtful.  In many instances, addition can make our lives worse.

On the other hand, addition can be great.  An unanticipated bonus, adding much-needed funds to a fledgling salary is always nice.  Gaining new friends is a special blessing.  Additions like these are wonderful.

Today’s post features one of those special kinds.  This past week, our family grew with the addition of two precious grandchildren.  They make for a total of eight.  My post today is short, but very sweet.  Written by a proud grandmother, bragging on the special treasures of grandchildren, today’s Friday Feature highlights:

Greysen and Quinn
Our newest additions

They were born within 24 hours of each other, but are from different families.  Their parents live near to each other in Colorado, so I am sure that these two cousins will grow up being close.  My husband and I will meet them next month, when we fly out for our first meet and cuddle.  Hopefully, lots of cuddling!

Greysen makes our 7th grandson

                        Another wonderful grandson!

Greysen had some difficulties at first, but is now improving.  I would appreciate your prayers that he would continue to get better and go home from the hospital soon.

Our lovely new granddaughter

                        Our lovely new granddaughter

Quinn is doing great, but her mom continues to have some problems.  Pray that they will both head home soon, too.

I would like to thank all my blogging friends for allowing me a bragging day.  If you are already a grandparent, you will understand this need!

Blessings on your Friday,

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29 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ Addition

  1. Shofar

    Congratulations, they are so precious! They grow out of the cuddling all too fast! Our 3 youngest GK are 11 and 9. The girls are generous with hugs and you gotta remind the 9 yr old boy most of the time! The 4 oldest never forget, maybe because we see them less often. Enjoy loving on your babies! God sure knows how to make them!

  2. vonhonnauldt

    What cute pictures! I envy you, looking forward to flying to Colorado 🙂 As the saying goes, “If I’d known what fun grandchildren were, I’d’ve had them first!”

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks. Yes on wishing we could’ve had the grandkids first…love on them, spool them then send them back to the parents to raise! Colorado is where my husband was born and raised. We ‘have’ to go there at least once a year. 🙂

  3. journeyofjoy

    They are absolutely adorable~! Congratulations to you. Praying for Greysen + Quinn’s Mom for a complete and quick recovery. May God make these children GREAT in His kingdom and give them His peace.

  4. Pure Glory

    Congratulations Sue, on two new precious grandchildren to love. I”m sure you can”t wait to cuddle them. It is amazing to see their individual personalities shining out from their photos. Joining you in praying for Greysen and Quinn”s mom. 🙂

  5. Unshakable Hope

    Beautiful babies, Sue! We’re expecting our first grandchild around Thanksgiving. Mary seems more excited than she was for our own kids:-) (I bought my son-in-law diapers and diaper rash cream for a Father’s Day gift:-)

  6. theywhoseek

    Congratulations Grandma . . . I will be praying that our heavenly Father will tend to their needs. I just spent the week with my three (out of 8) grandson’s ages 3,5,7 and I am whopped . . . a good whopped, but whopped none the less. 🙂 ~ Blessings ~

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Sounds like it was a wonderful visit. We are thrilled about seeing ours. Thanks for the prayers. Quinn’s mom is better and they are now home. Greysen is still hospitalized but is doing better. Blessings.

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