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Our wedding cake decoration

This ornamental decoration sat atop our lovely wedding cake. 

Many waters cannot quench love
Song of Solomon 8:7

Today, my husband and I celebrate twenty-eight years of marriage.  Like others, we have had our share of difficulties.  However, God has kept us strong, and we still love each other very much.

The adoring look

The adoring look

The long-standing joke by my husband is when I am ever going to get that adoring look back.  He claims that since that moment, as seen above, I have never looked at him again in the same way.  I do still adore him.

Actually, adoration is the key to our success as a couple.  The more I adore Christ, the more I love and appreciate my husband.  The same holds true for him.  When we each individually center our lives on Christ, our marriage thrives.  Apart from the Lord, we could not possibly have weathered the storms life has brought. 

I would like to wish my husband a Happy Anniversary.   I pray that we have many more!