The Circle Back Home ~ Blessings of a Legacy

The circular drive in front of my grandparents ~ parents home

The circular drive in front of my grandparent’s ~ parent’s home

The circle back home
Where memories beckon
and dreams find their

A place of foundation
Where I held my grandfather’s hand,
and adored his towering kindness
Where he unveiled stories behind each rock,
and mesmerized with accounts of journeys around the globe.
Where I rode horsey on his back,
and got zooming car rides around the bend
A place where love was confirmed
and dreams formed.

Grandpa. One of the loves of my life!

Grandpa. One of the loves of my life!

A place of grounding
Where I chose my father’s path,
and admired his uncompromising character
Where he harvested his garden bounties,
provided every grandchild tractor rides.
Where he entertained with his witty humor,
and inspired with his heroic wartime tales
A place where love was guaranteed
and dreams secured.

A place of growing
Where I gleaned from my mother’s wisdom,
and was sustained by her supportive love.
Where she nourished with her palatable meals,
and kept a revolving door to her hospitable home.
Where she listened on any hour or day,
and allowed the grand kids to do just about anything!
A place where love was demonstrated
and dreams soared.

My terrific parents

My terrific parents!

A place of blessing
Where I spoke my wedding vows,
and promised love as a blushing bride.
Where I invited old friends,
and had a garden ceremony in July.

Where I left my dad’s embrace as his only girl,
and kissed my husband as his forever love.
A place where love was united
and dreams intertwined.

Photo of husband and I taken just prior to our wedding

Photo of my husband and I taken just prior to our wedding

A place of security
Where those who enter find refuge,
and those who leave do so in peace.
Where children all feel welcome,
and grown ups come back for more.
Where Daddy took one last garden look,
and Momma longs to see him on heaven’s shore.
A place where love is unending
and dreams endure.

Home. Photo by my brother, Chuck Stephens

Home. Photo by my brother, Chuck Stephens

Continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them
2 Timothy 3:14

My legacy is one of godly blessing, and I do not take it lightly.  Perhaps yours was not; however, today you can begin your own.  Whether you had one or not, you can pass on a godly heritage to your children.  In honor of how I was raised, I am trying to do the same.  God is the only hope for our children and grandchildren.  Will we pick up the baton and pass it on?

Sue Nash/ 2013


10 thoughts on “The Circle Back Home ~ Blessings of a Legacy

  1. Jane Bridges

    Love it, love it and love it!!!!! I love that picture of Bob and Jean! Good looking Grandfather and look at you and Jim!!! Hey, I was AT your wedding there and remember it well. I LOVE that place. What a peaceful “safe-home” it was for me for MANY YEARS as your Mom counseled with me and your Daddy loved me and helped me and even took care of my car for me! What wonderful memories I have had with your family for over 25 years now!!! Thanks for taking me down memory lane again, Sue!!! Be Blessed!!!

  2. heavenlyraindrops Post author

    Jane, I have always wanted to write something which captures the essence of how I feel about this ‘city of refuge’ (as my mom calls it). I am glad you shared and are a part of our memories, and feel blessed to be your friend! Thanks!

  3. Sharon J. Gramling

    Very rich in the heritage of family; stirringly so because our God is a “Family Man”. Beautifully done; best post I’ve read of yours thus far (since I’m new to your site); so glad I stopped by! God bless you for your encouragements and strength. Amen.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      I appreciate the kind feedback, Sharon. A godly heritage is a blessing, especially nowadays with so many families opting for running their own lives. So glad it was a blessing.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      I appreciate that. I have wanted to write about my heritage for many years, and about what that home has done/meant for so many. My mom appropriately nicknames it a ‘city of refuge’ because they have seen God (not them) bless so many others by spending time there. It’s not the place that matters, though. It is the Christ exemplified in the home, which God can do with any family! I can only hope to see our children/grandchildren come to value this heritage. Blessings and thanks!

  4. greenlightlady

    Sue, your words are so eloquent and encouraging! Thank you for reminding those of us who did not have a godly heritage that we can start one with our own family. I love your engagement photo. ❤

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. heavenlyraindrops Post author

    It is never too late! My prayer is that the generations following us will carry on! Thanks. The engagement photo was from so long ago. I almost cannot remember being that young! Blessings.


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