The Flowers Fade ~ Daylilies on Display

Yellow brown daylilyWith the onset of Fall, most of my Summer flowers have either faded or withered away.

Orange daylily I thought I would share some photos of daylilies from this past season.

Peach daylilyMost of my daylilies were given to me as transplants from friends.

Yellow daylilyEvery time I see them bloom, I think of the person who shared them with me.

Purple daylilySince daylily blooms are so short-lived, I also think of the familiar passage from Isaiah 40:8 ~

Double yellow daylilyThe grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.
Perhaps in heaven, daylily blooms will last forever!

A nice companion post to my daylily flowers is over at A Woman Like Me ~ My Lilies

Sue Nash/2013


21 thoughts on “The Flowers Fade ~ Daylilies on Display

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  2. Teri Metts

    Beautiful!! Although I’m not blessed to have such beauty growing in my own yard (I blame my brown thumb :-)), I’m thankful to have neighbors with green thumbs. Many of them have daylilies in their gardens every summer.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Not really, Rene. Our yard is actually small. I love the few perennials I have, most which were given to me as transplants. Sadly, my yard has been suffering neglect as of late. I plan on making up for lost time in heaven! Thanks

  3. cuffesisters

    One of my favorite verses is “Consider the lilies, how they grow…” Thanks for sharing your lilies with us! Sadie used to work for Joe Barth (the day lily king) back in the day… Yours are lovely!


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