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Joy Realized ~ Prized Heritage: Poems For Karina

A bouquet for Karina

A bouquet for Karina

I no longer do, but for nearly twenty years, I worked as a baby nurse. I’ve attended many deliveries, held hundreds of newborns and seen countless tears by overjoyed parents.  No matter how often I witnessed the birth of a newborn, though, it never diminished my awe of the event.

Babies are a miracle from God.  Their arrival into this world brings a joy like nothing else.

It was an honor for me to write the following poems on behalf of Karina (Karina’s Thought) and her husband Kevin, in celebration of the birth of their first child, a son. 

One, Two, Three ~ Joy Realized

One cry from a newborn babe,
Our lives, now completely changed.
One glimpse at a tiny face,
Our plans, now rearranged.

Two eyes gazing back at us,
Our pride, now overflows.
Two hands, reaching out in trust,
Our love, now ever grows.

Three lives making family,
Our hearts, now intertwined.
Three souls meeting finally,
Our joy, now realized.

Although newborns typically bring much joy, there is also an inherent responsibility for the parents.  God forms a child in the mother’s womb, and then delegates the upbringing to mere humans.  The good news for parents, especially first time ones, is that He does not leave them to flounder, trying to figure out what to do in trying to raise their precious little one.

Contained within the pages of God’s Word are numerous passages and illustrations, teaching us how to raise our children.  To do it right, we must use Scripture as our sole authority.  Adding in the godly wisdom of Christian mentors and prayer supporters provides the path to successful parenting, especially in these troubled times.

Prized Heritage

Precious angels,
Blessed miracles;
Entrusted to us,
  Their hearts pliable.

Priceless treasures,
Needing to know;
Dependent on us,
So, Truth we must show.

Purposed offspring,
God’s own reward;
Expected from us,
To train in the Lord.

Prized heritage,
Gifts to raise right;
Requires that by us
On God we rely.


“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.”
Psalm 127:3

Many blessings Karina and Kevin!
With love, Sue

A Tribute to Lucy, My Friend

Day lilies were Lucy's signature plant  ~ this yellow color is one of the first she shared with me

Day lilies were Lucy’s signature plant ~ this yellow color is one of the first she shared with me

*I lost a treasure this week.  My ninety-six year old best friend went to heaven last Saturday.

When I met Lucy several years ago, it started as me thinking that I would spend time with an elderly widowed neighbor; instead, she instantly became one of the dearest friends I have ever had.  She was confidant, mentor, gardening instructor and friend.

Lucy taught me that a person is not determined by age; the real person is on the inside and that doesn’t change by growing old.

I already miss her, but am very happy for her.  She is finally home with her loving husband of over fifty years, her only child and beloved daughter, and all her other family and friends.  Most importantly, she is in the arms of her Savior, whom she both loved and served faithfully. 

This poem is written as a tribute to her. 

Lucy, My Friend

Why did you have to be
So perfect and so sweet,
Those many years ago
When at first, our hearts did meet?

 I knew that at your age
Your years left could be few.
That losing you would hurt;
Was risky, befriending you.

 But I could not resist
Your love, it drew me in;
Your gentle ways, they beckoned,
And calmed my fears within.

 We shared countless visits,
Sipping cups of brewed tea;
Swapping many a tale,
Quietly, reminiscing.

 More often times than not,
Our stories made us cry,
But we’d end up with a laugh
Before we bid goodbye.

 And no matter the day,
No matter what the storm,
Your door, it stayed open;
Your friendship, always warm.

 Yet, not only was your home
A welcome mat for friends;
The flowers in your yard,
Caused your blessings to extend.

 Your gift of gardening,
Of sharing what you grew,
Has left a part of you
With everyone you knew.

 With every passing spring
Or summer’s warmth anew
Each day lily that blooms
Reminds us all of you.

 Though we will miss you so,
Hope springs like violets blue.
For in heaven things won’t fade,
But will be forever new.

 One day we will join you,
Up there on streets of gold,
And Him whose face you’ve seen,
Our eyes will too behold.

 Together, we’ll rejoice,
Of pain and sorrows free,
We’ll dance ‘mid rows of roses
You’ve grown for us to see.

 How you lived while on earth
Only God did measure,
But what you left in our hearts
Is a priceless treasure.

 Tho’ losing you brought tears,
I have a joy un-end;
Knowing while down here below,
You chose to call me friend.

Sue Nash/2014

This English dogwood plant will always be special, because I tried transplanting one from Lucy several times before one finally made it

This English dogwood plant will always be special, because I tried transplanting one from Lucy several times before this one finally made it

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The Flowers Fade ~ Daylilies on Display

Yellow brown daylilyWith the onset of Fall, most of my Summer flowers have either faded or withered away.

Orange daylily I thought I would share some photos of daylilies from this past season.

Peach daylilyMost of my daylilies were given to me as transplants from friends.

Yellow daylilyEvery time I see them bloom, I think of the person who shared them with me.

Purple daylilySince daylily blooms are so short-lived, I also think of the familiar passage from Isaiah 40:8 ~

Double yellow daylilyThe grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.
Perhaps in heaven, daylily blooms will last forever!

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Sue Nash/2013

Strength Deteriorates Into Pain ~ A Painful Saga, Part 2

My promise

My promise

A disclaimer:

My health issues are nothing compared to many of you.  Although I have had my share of pain, my condition is not life threatening, nor has it prevented me from returning to doing daily activities for myself, or working part-time as a nurse.  My issues are nothing compared to what many have endured. 

No matter the level of suffering, though, God cares.


When I was in my twenties, I was the picture of athleticism: energetic, agile and fit.  My physical capabilities included jogging, aerobics, snow skiing, high altitude backpacking, swimming, and tennis.  Although not as strong as some, I could nevertheless keep up with most. 

Confident in my strength, I concluded that it would always be so.  I was wrong.

It was also in my twenties that I first noticed signs of what was the beginning of an early onset of severe degenerative disc disease.  Since my symptoms did not fit the mold, by presenting with typical radiating nerve pain, my associated sciatica went wrongly diagnosed until I reached my forties.  All those years, my doctors just thought that the reason I had to suspend my left foot off of a pillow at night, to avoid anything touching my heel due to the pain, was that there was either an undetected disorder with my foot or I was suffering from a depression that kept me awake. 

It was not until I also began having back pain simultaneously with the foot pain that I pieced the puzzle together myself.  Someone finally believed me when, during a Discogram procedure, I nearly came off the table after “one drop of dye” was inserted into a lumbar disc.  I felt the classic shooting sensation as the fiery pain tracked right across the same spot that had hurt for years. 

My health deteriorated like this flower

My health deteriorated like this flower

The difference in the pain was that it no longer just interfered with my sleep; the unrelenting sciatic pain had begun altering my life.  Unable to do any of the enjoyable athletic pursuits anymore, I was also increasingly impaired in my ability to do ordinary tasks.  After 12 hour shifts at the hospital, I almost needed to crawl to my car, and I spent my time off recuperating.  

 The pain eventually backed me into a corner.  I had prayed, and God promised me healing.  That healing, though, came by way of three excruciating surgeries to free the pressure off a trapped sciatic nerve.  Each procedure caused an already irritated nerve to surge to about a quadruple pain level, and required about six months to return to a “recovery” level.  My painful surgical ordeal consumed three years of my life, but the journey from my former strength into the pain occupied many more, and in a different way, continues today.

Tomorrow, I will continue my physical pain story.  Of my journey through the pain.

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Progression to Beauty ~ God’s Perfecting Work in Us

The budding phase

The budding phase

When we get saved, God starts the process of perfecting us into His image.  It is a gradual, lifelong progression until we get to heaven, where our lives will then shine with the light of His glory.

I thought of this perfecting process when I took these photos of a magnolia flower, gradually opening over a period of days.  Our tendency is to try to rush God’s perfecting of our character; we want instant results and get disappointed in ourselves when we mess up.  He sees the finished product already.  He knows that what He starts in us will one day result in a work of splendid beauty.  Because of Christ in us, He will perfect that which concerns us. (Psalm 138:8)  May you rest in comprehending this truth as you view the photos. 

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.
Proverbs 4: 18

Just starting to open

Just starting to open

Sprouting forth

Sprouting forth

Opening up

Opening up

Fully opened

Nearly opened ~ this one is my favorite!

Glorious opening

Glorious beauty

God is the finisher of our faith.  Like me, do you struggle with fully accepting that your life has beauty?  I pray that we each remember His perfecting work in us.  Even though we mess up, and don’t see how anything good can come from our lives, God already sees us as His prized work of perfection. 

Blessings, always

I’d appreciate the feedback about the photos!  Thanks.

Sue Nash/ 2013

Bank on God’s Faithfulness

Bank on it

Where I live, the Lady Banks roses are in full bloom.  Down South, we simply call it Lady Bank.  Whatever their name, they are splendid.  When grown against a fence, it literally envelops it with beauty!

Cascade of yellow

Cascade of yellow

I took this of a neighbors gorgeous Lady Bank.  Showy enough for all of us to enjoy!

I took these photos of a neighbor’s gorgeous Lady Bank.  Showy enough for all of us to enjoy!

Lovin' me some Lady Bank!

Lovin’ me some Lady Bank!

As my husband and I were on an evening walk the dog trek, I spotted this gorgeous Lady Bank in bloom.  While gazing, the Lord immediately reminded me of His faithfulness.  His promises are a certainty on which we can depend.  He will come through.  We can bank on it!

He who promised is faithful. Bank on it!

Blessings, always.