I’ve Been Found by Someone

I've Been FoundI’ve been left out
Of conversations.
I’ve been excluded
And probably for a reason.
I’m not always loving.
To have friends I must show myself friendly.

I’ve been surrounded
By insinuations.
I’ve been corrected
And usually when needed.
I’m not always perfect.
To have wisdom I must let God fill me daily.

I’ve been misunderstood
By others.
I’ve been rejected
And sometimes by fellow believers.
I’m not always accepted.
To obey God I must withstand criticism willingly. 

I’ve been mocked
By skeptics.
I’ve been ridiculed
And often while standing for truth.
I’m not always popular.
To follow Christ I must do so unashamedly.

I’ve been broken
By trials.
I’ve been tested
And likely to prove my faith.
I’m not always untroubled.
To mature I must endure hardships prayerfully.

I’ve been daunted
By shortcomings.
I’ve been humbled
And always after succumbing to pride.
I’m not always yielded.
To please God I must surrender fully.

I’ve been found
By Someone.
I’ve been loved
And not because of anything I deserved.
I’m not ever worthy.

To abide in God I must accept His grace completely.

For more of my poetry, see Poetry Corner

Sue Nash/2013


32 thoughts on “I’ve Been Found by Someone

  1. sellairene

    No one is perfect, not everyone loves us. The biggest grace is that we are loved and accepted by God with His perfect love. Beautiful poem, Sue 🙂 I love it 🙂

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