Friday Feature ~ Paper Gifts

Feature FridayEvery now and then, you come across a unique website that you wish you had found long ago.   Today, I’ll feature one of those:

Paper Gifts for Estefany

This website is both inspirational and fun.  The main emphasis is one of offering creative ideas, faith and encouragement for those sponsoring Compassion Children.  True to their banner, this site offers a plethora of homemade paper gift suggestions for these children, but is also a treasure trove of ideas for use with any child.

Years ago, we home schooled our son for seven grades.  Back then, I was always on the lookout for creative ways to embellish our curriculum with Christ-centered materials.  A website such as Paper Gifts for Estefany would have been a Godsend. 

When you visit the site, scroll over to the right column and click on any of the many topics to find printable materials in the form of posters, stationary, cards and bookmarks.  There are loads of child-friendly, Scriptural based tutorials and coloring sheets, all formatted and ready to print.

As emphasized in the banner, Compassion Children are the target group for their ideas.  However, the materials are sure to help any parent looking for unique ways to emphasize God with their young children.

I encourage my readers to check out this wonderful site.  Perhaps these ideas would generate a family project of supporting a child in need of paper gifts of love!

The information above is this author’s opinion only.
Sue Nash/2013


8 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ Paper Gifts

  1. Julie Garro

    I have an 8-year old daughter, so this will be a wonderful site to get ideas from. I also noticed the story “Operation Uganda.” A couple from our church is in Uganda right now working out the details to adopt an orphan from there. What a timely post you have put up today.Blessings on your day.

  2. Heidi Viars

    what a blessing and sweet find … I am always looking for something to stick in the compassion letter … there is someone with a creative mind!!!! thanks for pointing us to this wonderful site 🙂


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