Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God

Cold, without color

Cold, without color

I submit
To Your cleansing.
My life,
I surrender.
Forgive Me,
  Make my heart brand new.

Gentle color

Gentle color

I listen
  For Your voice.
My spirit,
I yield.
Fill me,
Help me follow You.

Brilliant color

Brilliant color

I discover
Your presence.
My desires,
I relinquish.
  Saturate me,
That I resemble You.

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.
John 3:30

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Sue Nash/2013


42 thoughts on “Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God

  1. Heidi Viars

    what an amazing post … being a visual person, it speaks so loudly through your beautiful pictures! my word for the year is “surrender” … each time I see it pop up, my spirit pays attention … THANKS so much for this today … and I am joining your prayer, dear friend …. Blessings

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks so much. Very glad it was a blessing. God laid this message on my heart a while back. I was just waiting on the right photo and thought this one that I took of a sunflower just fit. Blessings back, Sue

  2. Carol A. Berg

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem to go with the pictures or the reverse, whichever it may be. I am not a great poetry person, but I truly enjoy this.

    Thanks for reading my blog as well. I appreciate your taking your time to do so.

    God bless you and your writing,

    “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with us.”

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Carol. Actually the idea of ‘saturate me’ came first then God just put it all together when I found the right picture. I took the photo of the sunflower and thought it looked nice as B&W then added the soft color, etc. Glad it was a blessing!

      1. Carol A. Berg

        Hi, again,
        You are not only a talented writer but right handy with photographs as well! God is good. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

        “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with us.”

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