Wisdom From Above ~ As Gentle as Mimosa Blooms

Wisdom From AboveDelicate Mimosa wisps
Sweep softly against my skin.
Their rosy kisses and
Breezy fronds
Leave a gentle impression within.

Mimosa blooms have a delicate splendor.  I have always loved taking a blossom and rubbing it gently across my face, relishing its gentle softness. 

Their blooms are decidedly unique, with their spindly threads of color.  No sooner than one cluster blooms, another rolls itself up into a clumped ball of fur.  Since their flowers last so long, though, from a distance Mimosa trees appear speckled all over with splashes of pink.

Mimosa 2When I took these photos of mimosa flowers, I thought of their softness.  I was reminded of the gentleness with which God’s wisdom rests in our hearts ~

Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding
Proverbs 14:33

The wisdom that is from above is first pure, peaceable and gentle, which is such a contrast to ours.

Most often, man’s wisdom yields fruits of pride, callousness and self-importance, which are harsh deterrents to showing concern for others.  God’s wisdom produces in us mercy and love, birthed from hearts that long to know Him, and that causes us to reach out to others. 

When touched by the softness of His presence, God’s wisdom and love leaves a gentle impression within.  After experiencing Him, one cannot help but open up their lives to bless others with that same wisp of gentle mercy.

Father, keep my heart open to the gentleness of Your wisdom and presence.  Teach me to allow Your wisdom from above to flow from my heart to others, and thereby soothe them with the blessed softness of Your wisdom and love.  Help me not to block Your wisdom by instead speaking only of what I know or can contrive.  In Your name, Jesus, Amen.

Sue Nash/2013

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12 thoughts on “Wisdom From Above ~ As Gentle as Mimosa Blooms

  1. Heidi Viars

    What an amazing flower! I so appreciate the way with which you see creation around you. Thank you for sharing what the Spirit is teaching you … and for reminding us about His Word!

  2. Miss Lou

    Beautiful pictures. My mother is an avid gardener and she would love this! I’ll flick her through the link 🙂

    Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding
    Proverbs 14:33 – I love this verse. The words help me to focus on patience when I am feeling annoyed or frustrated with someone for whatever reason – Also a good one when communicating with the children, who still have developing minds and are learning from watching everything you do!

    Thanks for sharing!

      1. Jane Bridges

        Thanks bud. Please ask your Mom about a prayer request I told her about this morning and join us in prayer about it. Be Blessed!!

  3. Rene Yoshi

    I love your analogy. Having moved to the north, I’ve missed mimosas, but I arrived in NC yesterday and have been enjoying them, as well as my favorite flower– gardenias. Mmmm…

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks, Rene. I guess no matter where we are, there is something about where we used to be that we miss. We were in Colorado last week and I remembered all the trees/plants that grow there and that I now miss. Hopefully in heaven we will have all of the lovely things together as one…I suspect we will! Blessings on your trip!

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