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Feature FridayI started blogging this past January.  Since then, I have made mistakes and learned plenty of lessons.  However, along the way I have discovered some wonderful sites and have made some terrific new friends, many whom I have already featured on my Friday posts.

Since my readership has grown, I decided to use today’s post as an overview of my website, especially for those who have recently joined my blog.  This site tour will cover the basics about my main categories.  By doing so, I hope to give readers the opportunity to browse articles of interest, and to know what to expect as you follow along.

My Featured Categories:

Proverbs PostProverbs Post –  Unique insights on verses from Proverbs
Several years ago, a former pastor taught us to read the Proverbs chapter for the day each month.  For nearly fifteen years, I have done so with few exceptions.  It is an amazing book and I often find a particular verse that speaks volumes to my heart.  Here is where I share these insights.  One of my favorites:
Ointment and Perfume: the Costly Fragrance of a True Friend 

Snippets of RainSnippets of Rain Simple, yet powerful, messages inspired like tiny droplets of rain from God’s heart to mine.
These posts come from times spent in God’s presence where He very powerfully ministers to me.  Although it was hard to begin sharing these, I decided to do so hoping that others could glean from these brief, yet powerful messages from above.
A reader favorite was  An Overflowing Well

Poetry Corner imagePoetry Corner-
For any of you who have followed my site for a while, you have probably noticed that I dabble in poetry.
A recent one that generated much feedback- Saturate Me

Hallelujah for wordpress

Hallelujah Praise

Praises to God, who alone is worthy of praise!

Many readers enjoyed this one:
Because You Can

World Through My EyesWeekly Photo Challenges
These challenges give me an ‘excuse’ to use my photography.  I try to also connect the images with Scripture-based commentary.  The prompts are from The Daily Post. This one was fiery ~
The Golden Hour

Fireworks Explosion ~ Word of GodFireworks Explosion
A series showing some of my recent fireworks photos along with Scriptures.
These have been fun.  This one was my most recent:
A Light Unto My Path

Daisy photo 1 copyRandom Thoughts

Various posts – a collection of random thoughts, images and ideas.
This one highlights some of my photos of magnolias, as well:
Progression to Beauty

Heavenly Raindrops ImagesHeavenly Raindrops Images
My companion website where I showcase my photos and image work.  Feel free to share these or use them on other sites without need for permission, and no attribution required.

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I hope this helps, and I pray you find encouragement and blessings while touring my sites!
Sue Nash/2013


8 thoughts on “Friday Site Tour

  1. forestmtnhike

    Thank you, Sue, for your encouragement and commitment in writing such inspirational messages. Your posts are like little rays of light shining forth each morning- thanks for it all! 🙂

  2. journeyofjoy

    Absolutely beautiful Sue! Actually, very glad you did this–cause I’m not sure I was aware of all of the components that make up your beautiful blog-ministry! I’ll take a little more time now, to check out all the other areas. Your site has been an incredible blessing to me. So glad to have met you! God’s best to you!!


  3. Heidi Viars

    I really appreciate this tour … Every part of your blog is so beautiful. I love that it is full of His Word and truth! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!


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