Friday Feature ~ Saturate Me Again

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

*Still not doing well with neck.  Found out today that my vertigo/ear problems are related to the neck problem.  As a result, posts take me a considerable amount of time to create, because extended periods on my PC aggravates the symptoms.  I can only work on them for short periods every few days.  Thanks for your continued patience and prayers.  I have an MRI scheduled for next week.

Last July, I posted a poem called Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God.  The poem with pictures was one of my more popular posts.

I decided to re post the poem, but use different photos that tie in with the message.  I used two photos that I took of daffodils, and then adjusted the colors for the effects using the Hue/Saturation panel in Photoshop Elements.

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

 I removed all the yellows, rendering the daffodils void of color.

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Apart from Christ, my life is void and without meaning.  Apart from Him, I am nothing.

Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God

I submit
To Your cleansing.
My life,
I surrender.
Forgive Me,
  Make my heart brand new.

I listen
  For Your voice.
My spirit,
I yield.
Fill me,
Help me follow You.

I discover
Your presence.
My desires,
I relinquish.
  Saturate me,
That I resemble You.

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”
John 3:30

I want God to continually saturate me with His presence ~ over and over again.

*Do you have a favorite of the photos?  I always love your feedback!

If you want to see more photos of daffodils, I encourage you to visit a site by my friend, Teri Mett’s, as she featured them in her latest post:
Bungalow Retreat

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Feature FridayWords and photos by Sue Nash © 2014


39 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ Saturate Me Again

  1. Teri Metts

    Sue, I love the poem! Beautiful! And your photos. Although I prefer the daffodils yellow, they’re also pretty faded to white. Fascinating look, actually. I picked a half dozen daffodils today and put them in old bottles in my kitchen window. They sure do brighten up the room. And thanks for the link to my bungalow retreat! I’m praying for you, hoping you get some relief soon!!

  2. blmaluso

    Sue, so sorry you are experiencing such pain. You are in my prayers, and I know you are being carried by TONS of prayers:-) Absolutely beautiful poem and lovely photos. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Hugs and blessings, Bernadette

  3. Susan Irene Fox

    Oh, Sue, sending up prayers for you. I’ve been experiencing bouts of vertigo too, though without the pain. My doc said if I have another one, she’ll be scheduling an MRI. Please let me know how yours goes. Praying for complete healing for us both.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      I will pray for you Susan. Do they think yours is associated with neck issues or are they not sure? Mine hit suddenly with a deterioration of my neck and simultaneously gets either a little better or worse depending on my neck/arm symptoms. No fun for either of us, but God is good. As O said, will definitely lift you up in my prayers.

      1. Susan Irene Fox

        Thank you. Mine doesn’t seem to be associated with anything, but I notice it comes on as the weather changes. No other symptoms. Glad we can pray for each other and that we have a Great Healer who will hear us.

  4. Chris

    We have daffodils in our kitchen, too. Just had to go out and cut them. I will also remember you in my prayers, Sue.

    God’s blessings…

  5. Tapestry Treasures

    Tonight, as I read your beautiful poem my heart was reminded of something that I would like to share with you, if I may. My first love in photography was black and white film. I learned how to process and develop my pictures. Even in black and white you use the gray scale for saturation for correcting exposure. I say all that to say this: “Even in little there is much when God is in it.” It takes light to saturate black to white, in the same respect, it takes white in order to saturate color. So my prayer for you, my friend, is that the True Light will saturate you from the top of your head to the souls of your feet and you continue to Bless the Lord with the beauty of all He develops in your life. Amen. ~Zoey

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Zoey, sorry so slow to respond to your remarkably encouraging, anointed comment. Have not had a good day, but I receive your blessing and appreciate your insights. Thanks sweet blogging friend. God is good, always!

  6. Rob Barkman

    Sue, you continue in my prayers. Your continued faithfulness in the midst of your neck problems are an inspiration to us all. Thank you. May the Lord bless you with health, strength, patience and faith during these difficult times. Lord bless you.

  7. Widow Beach

    Adding my prayers as well–I’m very sympathetic and empathetic to your symptoms, as the PC aggravates my chronic headaches too. God bless you with complete healing.

      1. Widow Beach

        You’re so welcome–and I’ve just posted a song that lifted me today, at–if you like Kari Jobe, it’s “Love Came Down”. God bless you.

  8. LightWriters

    “He heals all our afflictions…” prayers for restored health soon, and so blessed by this poem and photos.

  9. A Servant

    I just followed again, not sure why you were dropped. I definitely want to see your posts. I don’t get to read as much as I used to but I enjoy your thoughts.
    A Servant

  10. greenlightlady

    Sue, I am especially fond of white flowers, and so I choose the second picture as my favorite. The time and thoughtfulness you put into your posts really shows. I hope you soon get answers and healing for your body.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  11. Y. Prior

    I loved the white version (or lifted tones?) of the daffodil – had such clarity to it – and like how you left the little bug on some shots! and the words in this post were wonderful – so thanks for that too – and the white flower matched the mood.

    and I hope and pray that your neck feels better (heals) and that the doctors would have wisdom and insight about exactly what you need – and that you would have the Lord’s strength (and any needed grace) to endure this.


      1. Y. Prior

        hi – well when I read your reply in my email inbox – it cut off at the god is good – and so I finished it with “all the time…”
        and so that keeps going through my head – “god is good – all the time”
        and sometimes I hate the detective work it takes to get to the root of an issue – and again, praying for insight for all who see you. 🙂

  12. cspindler

    Sue, loved you photos and poem/prayer. Waiting for our daffodils to emerge. Praying for a quick diagnosis and proper treatment for you neck. His grace is sufficient!


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