God is Faithful ~ Don’t Give Up

God is Faithful ~ Don't Give UpRemember scratch art?

There are kits today, but when I was a child, we would create our own.  It took a while to first scribble-fill the blank paper with a layer of assorted crayon colors, then to cover the entire sheet with another layer of solid black.

After all the hard work of filling the page with the double layers, you then used a pointed object to gently scratch off parts of the top, in whatever letters or shapes desired.  The colors underneath would pop out, making the scratched image brilliantly visible.

Tucked beneath the surface, and only clear after scraping, are the beautiful color schemes you worked so hard to create.  The scratching revealed that much had been going on behind the scenes.

Sometimes we get impatient when waiting on God’s promises.  During those times when our prayers seem to go unanswered or His promises seem to take too long in fulfillment, it is easy to give up hope.

However, we must never forget that even though we cannot always see progress, God is faithful to fulfill His promises.  Behind the scenes, He is working diligently.  Underneath the thick layer of our circumstances, He is designing a magnificent finished work of art.

We need only trust in God’s faithfulness.  And never give up believing.

Great is Thy faithfulness
Lamentations 3:23

Sue Nash/2013


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