Friday Feature ~ Karina’s Thought

Feature FridayAs promised, unless I know the author or want to share personal stories, my Friday Features will now consist of simply a link to a website I enjoy and a short explanation about why.  Although I cannot always endorse every idea, before recommending them, I have followed these sites long enough to give my readers what I consider an informed opinion about their content.

With that in mind, today’s featured site is ~

Karina’s Thought
by Karina Susanto

The longer I read Karina’s writing, the more impressed I am by this talented and ambitious young writer.  Whether by poetry, stories, prayers, inspirational pictures or motivational tips, she blesses and inspires others through her gentle words and challenging messages.

All Karina’s posts are uplifting and come from someone who obviously loves the Lord and has a heart for inspiring others.  I urge all of my readers to visit her site and then sign up to follow.  Blessings are certain to return your way!

The above information is this author’s opinion only.
Sue Nash/2013


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