The Sweetest Things ~ Hugs and Kisses From Heaven

A tulip for your sweetness

Tulips for your sweetness

Sometimes, when you are in the midst of suffering or sadness, the sweetest things happen.  Several such things have occurred during this time of semi-convalescence due to my pain and vertigo.

Yesterday, I had an injection in my neck.  Spinal injections don’t always help and can initially exacerbate the pain, but since I had one a couple of years ago that worked, I decided to try one again.  I’m avoiding the alternative, a three level cervical fusion, like the plague!

The sweet things started before I even left for the shot.

Sweet indeed

My mom called to assure me she was praying and to say she loves me.  She is one of those early rising, fervent prayer warriors, so I don’t take her prayers lightly.  Her presence and love for me is sweet indeed.

Snugly sweet

Right after I got home from having the procedure, my little Maltese seemed to know something was wrong.  He may have smelled the lingering clinic odors on my clothing.  Although not normally a lap dog, he suddenly wanted up in my chair to sweetly snuggle.

Unexpected sweet thing

My son randomly text-ed to apologize for something and to remind me that he loves me.  Sadly, as our children get older we hear from them less often.  To receive an unexpected apology and acknowledgment of my son’s love was a very sweet thing.

Totally sweet things

Friends have text-ed, emailed and blogged to check on me and let me know they are praying.  This includes many of you, which is totally sweet.

Always sweet

My husband has been a trooper throughout this and all the many other times I have struggled, starting with my back surgeries many years ago.  To this day, he still does the majority of the housework.  I try never to take him for granted.  He is always so sweet.

The sweetest thing

These displays of sweetness overwhelm and warm my heart.  However, since God is in control and works all things out for our good, the sweet things are really from Him.  Our acts of kindness are but the conduits of His sweetness.  They are like hugs and kisses from heaven.

His love and tender care for us is by far the sweetest thing.

“The Lord is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works.”
Psalm 145:9

*My thanks to all of you for your thoughtfulness and prayers. I am getting better!
Sue Nash/2014


11 thoughts on “The Sweetest Things ~ Hugs and Kisses From Heaven

  1. Teri Metts

    Sweet post, Sue, and I’m praying for you. Would appreciate your prayers too. I’m headed to DeRidder, LA, to the speak at the Women’s conference I told y’all about a couple of weeks ago. The enemy has really been on the prowl, so I’m enlisting as much prayer support as I can. Praying you will soon have so sweet relief!!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks Teri. Jim and I will pray for you. BTW. Were your ears burning tues? I was bragging to Dr about your lovely photos, especially the knack you have for photographing birds. 😊

  2. Rene Yoshi

    Does this mean the injection has exacerbated the pain? 😦 I pray the Lord provides relief. How sweet, though, to receive so many sweet things during this time. Like you said, it is often during times of suffering and sadness that the sweetest things come. 🙂

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Rene, the first injection in my neck a couple of years ago didn’t make me worse, but at first I didn’t think it worked because it took about a month before saw the relief. Then, for about 7-8 months, I was almost symptom-free (a ‘home-run’ for an injection according to my dr). Wed night after this one, the pain was fierce, but it didn’t last long and began settling rapidly all day yesterday with intermittent icing. Am encouraged since I am already feeling like this one is showing signs of working already! This dr I went to is known for finding the right spot to inject. I am for sure being cautious, as I always try to be, to protect my neck! Am praying for you, too. Thanks.

      1. Rene Yoshi

        Thank you, Sue! I’m fine now. It was a temporary pinch, although it lasted longer than usual. I’m sorry to hear the pain was so fierce, but glad to hear the injection seems to be working more quickly this time. ((hugs))

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