Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside ~ The Shack

A peek inside my daddy's shack

A peek inside my daddy’s shack

Inside this shed,
My daddy’s dear shack,
Are now rusted items
He once meticulously tracked.

Things that he loved,
Assorted relics;
Stuff others would discard,
Knowing they never could sell it.

Objects passed down
From his parents to him
And random oddities
He tucked in buckets on a whim.

Within its walls,
Dad’s off time was spent;
A place near his garden,
For tinkering to heart’s content.

Now that he’s gone,
When I go inside
Can’t help thinking of him.
Through memories, he still resides


“The memory of the just is blessed…”
Proverbs 10:7a

© Sue Nash/ 2014

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From The Daily Post


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside ~ The Shack

  1. Karina Susanto

    That was so beautiful,sis. I triggered to read deeper wholeheartedly. Eventually I am moved read your poem. Thank you so much for sharing this,sis. Keep pray for you. Have a blessed day to you.

  2. A Servant

    My family, on mom’s side, were farmers with all the barns / silos / shacks / workshops. That picture transported me back. Inside those structures, hung on nails, were priceless memories of those who have gone on before us.
    This was a beautiful piece.
    A Servant

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thank you so much. My mom may have to sell her property- too much for her to manage without dad. If she does, The shack is so sentimental that I would love to move it to my yard. Problem is, I don’t think anyone in suburbia would allow it and my husband would protest! Like you said, it’s the memories! Thanks

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  4. cspindler

    Wonderful words and picture, Sue. I moved into my family home years ago with an accumulation of my father’s “treasures” in his shed. I still have some of the fire crackers he had saved from his childhood in a can. I agree with your earlier reply about the sweet reunion. My dad has been gone eight years, but I know I will see him again…what a comfort.


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