God’s Glorious Palette – Azaleas

God's Color Palette

Blessed be His glorious name forever…

2013-04-13 13.27.33

And let the whole earth be filled with His glory…

This photo taken by my niece, Riley

This photo taken by my niece, Riley

Amen and Amen…

Colors of spring 2Psalm 72:19

I love the glorious colors of Spring!


11 thoughts on “God’s Glorious Palette – Azaleas

  1. theywhoseek

    Beautiful . . . is spring time . . . not so allergies! I too suffer and it does dampen the spirit of spring but never it’s wondrous pallet of colors or sounds. ~ Blessings ~

  2. sophie cuffe

    Very lovely! I’m reminded of two songs. I learned this one when I was six “Oh Who can make a flower? I’m sure I can’t, can you?” And “What a wondrous time is spring, when all the trees are budding. The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming. That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it…”

  3. Planting Potatoes

    great photos…..looking at this beauty…there is no excuse for anyone not to believe in God’s glory!


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