Even to You

Hand compliments of Michaelangelo

Hand, compliments of Michelangelo!

So that your trust may be in the Lord, I have made known these things to you today, EVEN TO YOU. Have I not written to you excellent things in counsels and knowledge, to make you know the certainty of the words of truth…”
Proverbs 22:19-21

Early in life, I was severely shy. I can remember hiding behind my parents when someone new came to our house, or dreading having my name called each day during school. My greatest fear was of having any type of attention drawn to me. I preferred cowering in the safety of my comfort zone.

Most of that shyness has subsided, but I am still somewhat introverted and uncomfortable in crowds. Conversations in small gatherings or one on one are just more my preference. The very thought of being pointed out openly still sends my blood pressure soaring. Some remnants of timidity will likely always define who I am.

The Proverbs passage highlighted is a wonderful declaration by God of His trustworthiness and of how He made His Truth accessible. From a shy person’s perspective, though, a small portion of the verse jumps off the page. For those bashful ones like me, it is as if a speaker reading the verse stops when he reaches the ‘even to you‘ part, then points directly at me, causing my heart to cringe and my face to redden. Thankfully, this is not what God intended in this verse!

Quite the opposite is true. God is never mean-spirited or ever cruelly single us out, but He does call out. In this passage, He poignantly calls to us across the expanse of time. 

I love God’s Word, both its timeliness and timelessness. Though written thousands of years ago, His Word touches us where we are today. God could have just made known His Word, and left it at that, hoping that someone would pay attention and migrate towards Him.  He could have simply thrown Truth out in generalities, but He did not. Instead, God made His Truth known to you this day, showing clearly that the Truth was for a particular people group. However, God did not limit His Word to one group; He directed it straight at the individual, even to you. From ages past, God revealed excellent things in counsels and knowledge then made it available to all, even to you and me.

God’s excellent Word is alive and is the only Book that has the power to change individuals. It never has or ever will change. Other religions boast of truths and moral guidelines, but all end up causing more harm than good. The reason for this is that other religions require strict adherence to a set of teachings, causing perfectionism and bondage. God’s Truth, however, is the exact opposite. When revealed, it is so that the hearers’ trust may be in the Lord. They trust in His ability, not their own. God made Truth known, not for us to burden ourselves with unattainable religious perfection, but so that we would place our trust in the only One who is perfect. By revealing Truth to each of us, God is literally unveiling Jesus.

Sadly, for those who refuse Christ but instead choose religious bondage, the result will be death, a spiritual death that brings eternal separation from Him. God makes known His Word to every person born, in undeniable ways. Whether through the awe of His creation or orchestrated opportunities, He provides everyone the circumstances in which to understand the certainty of the words of Truth, found only through trusting Jesus.

God called out long ago with a message of Truth. He directed that call to everyone collectively, but also individually, even to you. Though I am still shy and feel awkward having my name highlighted in a crowd, He called even to me. This call was not mean-spirited, but was done out of a desire to restore us to Himself. It was a love message.

Through Jesus, God makes known that He loves us. Though He was nailed to the cross long ago, Jesus looked across time and saw your face. He saw everyone’s face. He even saw mine, bashful and all. The Way, the Truth and the Life gazed upon humanity then wrote an excellent message. That message of love was written to you. Even to you!

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4 thoughts on “Even to You

  1. Teri Metts

    Sue, your confession regarding your shyness reminded me of myself when it comes to promoting my novels and Bible studies. I sorely lack confidence in the marketing arena, but God keeps reminding me that HE has not given me a spirit of timidity. Even so, I’m daily having to ask for greater boldness and confidence. Some days I do better than others. 🙂


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