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Friday Feature ~ Our Soldiers

Feature FridayMy dad used to say, of soldiers in battle, that the real heroes are the ones who never came home.  My husband would always remind him that if none had ever come home, we would have lost in war.

I agree with both.  Those who gave their lives protecting our freedom, and those who came home from service are heroes.

Today’s Friday feature is one of simply honoring our soldiers who served or are serving to keep us free: 

Our Soldiers
Honor those fallen ~ thank those who serve ~ they are all heroes

Below are some photos of my dad, from when he bravely served as a tank commander on the front lines in the Korean War.  He was a Purple Heart candidate after being shot twice, but refused because of his sentiments about those real heroes described above.  Growing up, I was always so proud of his service.  However, war did have an impact on him, especially since he saw so many of his Army comrades killed during the heat of battle.

Robert Stephens, served in the Korean War

Robert Stephens, served in the Korean War

My dad

My dad in the Army

Two other soldiers I am proud of:

Kevin Nash, my step-son, Kosovo

Kevin Nash, my step-son, formerly in the Army, served in Kosovo ~ Thanks for your service, Kevin!

Zach Leis, my grandson, recently enlisted in Army National Guard ~very proud of you, Zach!

Zach Leis, my grandson, recently enlisted in Army National Guard ~very proud of you, Zach!

Do you have a hero you want to brag on?  Are you proud of someone who served or is currently serving?  I would love to hear your stories as we together honor our soldiers!

A Gentle Warrior ~ Tribute to My Dad

I have posted it before, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy

I have posted it before, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy (aka Bob Stephens)

My sweet dad went to heaven two years ago today.  I wrote this poem the morning after he died.  I post it again as a tribute to the finest man I ever knew!  Although I miss him, I wouldn’t want him to return to this earth and all his suffering for anything.  Miss you Daddy!  Hoping we will see you soon!

Real heroes in battles
Are often unsung
Those that bravely defend
Yet refuse recognition when done.

 My dad was one of those
A hero, no doubt
Suffering all kinds of wars
But giving others’ praise was his shout.

 The kind of warrior
Who rare did complain
When the battles were fierce
He would let his faith alone sustain.

 A contradiction, of sorts
Though champion for sure:
Brave enough to conquer
Yet kind enough, our hearts he did stir.

 Touching lives everywhere
With his gentle ways
And no matter the storm
To God he would yield his highest praise.

 When life seemed so unfair
And dealt a hard blow
Dad could only conclude
Some things, only in heaven will we know.

 Faced with hardships untold
In a war few could bear
He plunged through with such grace
Blessing others, yet so unaware.

 Now, his battle’s over
His race has been run
My war-weary hero
Has at last through Christ the victory won.

 I miss him so dearly
But my heart is relieved
Knowing one day we’ll be
Reunited for eternity.

 Though in life he refused
Any kind of praise
I feel very certain
With the Lord, he in heaven now reigns.

 Rewards, accolades
He passed, that’s for sure
But to me he’ll always be
My wonderful, gentle warrior.

 Sue Nash