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Stand Still ~ God’s Wonders in a Dragonfly

Dragonfly perchedStand still and consider the wondrous works of God
Job 37:14

God blows me away with the wonders of His creation.  We find evidences of His designs in the simplest of things, like a dragonfly.  Often, to appreciate these examples of God’s creation, we have to stand very still.  It helps even further when our subject remains still!

I discovered this little friend while on my way to the mailbox the other day.  Not at all convinced that he would stay long enough for me to retrieve my camera, I went inside to get it anyway.  When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to see him still there, perched atop a Little Gem Magnolia leaf.  What I didn’t expect was how still he remained, and how he seemed to playfully pose.  (I have no idea whether this dragonfly was male or female; supposedly, males are brighter in color.  Unless some of you know different, and can let me know, I’ll just call this one a he).  

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did snapping them!  

It looked like he stuck his tongue out at me

It looked like he stuck his tongue out at me ~ cracked me up!

Still lovely at a distance

Poised for takeoff ~ he did hop from one leaf to another

One final glimpse

One last glimpse before he tired of our photo shoot and left

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Sue Nash/2013