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What Will the Clouds Look Like When Jesus Comes?

Clouds with blue skyWhat will the clouds look like, on the day when Jesus comes?
Will they be glistening bright
With fluffy billows white,
Glorious in the noonday sun?

Clouds with sunset What will greet His presence, if the sun is setting low?
Will the clouds be basking in bliss,
With rosy shades of fire,
Wondrous in the evening glow?

Clouds with moon What will the night bring forth, if it’s dark when He appears?
Will the clouds be shadowy mist,
With soft wisps dancing round,
Serene in the moonlit atmosphere?

clouds with reedWhat will your heart look like, the moment of the trumpet cry?
Will you be ready for Him,
With your sins purified,
Saved, caught up in the clouds with Christ?

I often think about the rapture.  Since nobody knows the day or hour of His return, we should expect that Christ could come at any moment.  It could be morning, night or noon. 

The one thing we do know is that if we are alive when Jesus comes, true Believers will meet Him in the clouds.  No matter how they look on the day He returns, the most important thing is the condition of one’s heart. 

If Jesus comes today, are you ready to meet Him in the clouds?

Below are two images I designed as companions to this post.  I used the same image of Christ on each, but different background pictures.
The full size photos are at Heavenly Raindrops ~ Images.

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Photos and poem by Sue Nash/2013
*Image of Jesus – from – biblecliparts.blogspot.com