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Strength Deteriorates Into Pain ~ A Painful Saga, Part 2

My promise

My promise

A disclaimer:

My health issues are nothing compared to many of you.  Although I have had my share of pain, my condition is not life threatening, nor has it prevented me from returning to doing daily activities for myself, or working part-time as a nurse.  My issues are nothing compared to what many have endured. 

No matter the level of suffering, though, God cares.


When I was in my twenties, I was the picture of athleticism: energetic, agile and fit.  My physical capabilities included jogging, aerobics, snow skiing, high altitude backpacking, swimming, and tennis.  Although not as strong as some, I could nevertheless keep up with most. 

Confident in my strength, I concluded that it would always be so.  I was wrong.

It was also in my twenties that I first noticed signs of what was the beginning of an early onset of severe degenerative disc disease.  Since my symptoms did not fit the mold, by presenting with typical radiating nerve pain, my associated sciatica went wrongly diagnosed until I reached my forties.  All those years, my doctors just thought that the reason I had to suspend my left foot off of a pillow at night, to avoid anything touching my heel due to the pain, was that there was either an undetected disorder with my foot or I was suffering from a depression that kept me awake. 

It was not until I also began having back pain simultaneously with the foot pain that I pieced the puzzle together myself.  Someone finally believed me when, during a Discogram procedure, I nearly came off the table after “one drop of dye” was inserted into a lumbar disc.  I felt the classic shooting sensation as the fiery pain tracked right across the same spot that had hurt for years. 

My health deteriorated like this flower

My health deteriorated like this flower

The difference in the pain was that it no longer just interfered with my sleep; the unrelenting sciatic pain had begun altering my life.  Unable to do any of the enjoyable athletic pursuits anymore, I was also increasingly impaired in my ability to do ordinary tasks.  After 12 hour shifts at the hospital, I almost needed to crawl to my car, and I spent my time off recuperating.  

 The pain eventually backed me into a corner.  I had prayed, and God promised me healing.  That healing, though, came by way of three excruciating surgeries to free the pressure off a trapped sciatic nerve.  Each procedure caused an already irritated nerve to surge to about a quadruple pain level, and required about six months to return to a “recovery” level.  My painful surgical ordeal consumed three years of my life, but the journey from my former strength into the pain occupied many more, and in a different way, continues today.

Tomorrow, I will continue my physical pain story.  Of my journey through the pain.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves ~ Making the Most of Them

To most, a flower trellis; to some, a weaving loom

To most, a flower trellis; to some, a weaving loom

What a perfect place for a spider web.  As my Mandevilla vines creep up the trellis toward the curvatures on top, the insects it attracts are ready prey the spider’s silky trap.  Visitors will come seeking nectar, but instead find a curve they did not expect.

Life has a way of throwing us curves.  Those unanticipated troubles that pop up, catching us off guard.  When they occur, we can try to muddle through on our own.  This method works no better than an insect trying to free itself from a spider’s web, though, for inevitably life throws us one of those enormous curves – the kind that seem impossible to bear, and cause even the strongest to crumble.

It is only with God’s help that life’s twists and turns are best handled.  He not only helps us endure hardships, but also teaches us how to thrive.  God can turn our problems into avenues of blessing.  He can spin every one around for good, and teach us how to make the most of life’s curves.

All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose
Romans 8:28

This weeks photo challenge by The Daily Post

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