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Taken on a lovely Spring day. I love how God is always with us, watching over us.

Taken on a lovely Spring day. I love how God is always with us, watching over us.

I am working
I am moving

I am breathing
I am alive.

I am hurting
I am needing
I am sinking
I can’t survive.

I am seeing
I am hearing
I am weeping
I can sympathize.

I am cringing
I am fretting
I am doubting
I want to hide.

I am watching
I am holding
I am keeping
I’m right by your side.

I am waiting
I am hoping
I am longing
I must abide.

I am drawing
I am saving
I am preparing
I will soon arrive!

I am troubled; I am bowed down greatly.
Psalm 38:6       

Fear not: I am with you.
Isaiah 41:10

Because You Can

Praise Me because you want to.
Praise Me because you can.
Praise Me because you need to.
Praise Me because of who I AM.

Praise Me through times of trouble.
Praise Me through thick or thin.
Praise Me through hurts or failures.
Praise Me through stormy winds.

Praise Me with songs and dance.
Praise Me with hands held high.
Praise Me with harp and timbrel.
Praise Me with all your might.

Praise Me, all creation,
Praise Me, the great I AM.
Praise Me while you have any breath.
Praise Me because you can.

“I will praise the LORD as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God with my dying breath.” Psalm 146:2

Hallelujah for wordpress

Haughty, Haughty

Poetry Corner Combined

Haughty, haughty
Through and through.
More of me than of You.

Lowly, lowly
Is the key.
I’ll fill your life with Me.


Busy, busy
All the time.
Your plans I undermine.

Rest, rest
Cast your load.
I’ll teach what matters most.


Complain, complain
  Is what I choose.
Your words I oft refuse.

Listen, listen
To what I say.
I’ll teach you to give thanks.


Worry, worry
Every day.
Fretting my whole life away.

Trust, trust
Do not fear.
I’ll let My peace draw near.


Flawed, flawed
What to do?
Never perfect like You.

Follow, follow
All I do.
I’ll restore and make you new.


Rotten, rotten
To the core.
Is there hope; is there more?

Yield, yield
Who you are.
I’ll give to you a new heart.


Bound, bound
By all my sin.
How can I ever win?

Repent; confess
That I Am Lord.
I’ll make you mine forevermore!