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Friday Feature ~ Saturate Me Again

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

Hard to beat the vibrancy of yellow daffodils

*Still not doing well with neck.  Found out today that my vertigo/ear problems are related to the neck problem.  As a result, posts take me a considerable amount of time to create, because extended periods on my PC aggravates the symptoms.  I can only work on them for short periods every few days.  Thanks for your continued patience and prayers.  I have an MRI scheduled for next week.

Last July, I posted a poem called Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God.  The poem with pictures was one of my more popular posts.

I decided to re post the poem, but use different photos that tie in with the message.  I used two photos that I took of daffodils, and then adjusted the colors for the effects using the Hue/Saturation panel in Photoshop Elements.

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

Daffodil cluster faded ~ I left the little bug

 I removed all the yellows, rendering the daffodils void of color.

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Daffodil ~ bent and faded

Apart from Christ, my life is void and without meaning.  Apart from Him, I am nothing.

Saturate Me ~ Wanting More of God

I submit
To Your cleansing.
My life,
I surrender.
Forgive Me,
  Make my heart brand new.

I listen
  For Your voice.
My spirit,
I yield.
Fill me,
Help me follow You.

I discover
Your presence.
My desires,
I relinquish.
  Saturate me,
That I resemble You.

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

Daffodil ~ looking like it is bowing, now vibrant again

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”
John 3:30

I want God to continually saturate me with His presence ~ over and over again.

*Do you have a favorite of the photos?  I always love your feedback!

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Clothed With Humility

A cotton ball ripe for picking

A cotton ball ripe for picking

When one thinks of royal attire, cotton does not generally come to mind.  With royalty, their clothing is usually silk, taffeta or linen; something more luxurious than simple cotton.

It’s a good thing I was not born into nobility, because I have always preferred the comfort of cotton or cotton blends.

Recently, I visited a local cotton patch to photograph it prior to being harvested.  As I looked through the pictures later, I thought of how cotton is typically characterized.  It reminded me of qualities God wants manifested in our lives.

God teaches us to trust in the comfort of His care.

God empowers us with the Holy Spirit to strengthen us …

DSC_0056 BWso that we can endure the hardships life brings.

God fills us with His Spirit so that through us He can breathe life to others.

DSC_0040 BWWashable
God continually cleanses us through His mercy.

God enables us to absorb Truth by hearing and studying His word.

God matures us so that we reliably represent Him, no matter life’s circumstances.

God graces us with His presence when we clothe ourselves in humility.

Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.
1 Peter 5:5

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Sue Nash/2013