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Friday Feature ~ Our Soldiers

Feature FridayMy dad used to say, of soldiers in battle, that the real heroes are the ones who never came home.  My husband would always remind him that if none had ever come home, we would have lost in war.

I agree with both.  Those who gave their lives protecting our freedom, and those who came home from service are heroes.

Today’s Friday feature is one of simply honoring our soldiers who served or are serving to keep us free: 

Our Soldiers
Honor those fallen ~ thank those who serve ~ they are all heroes

Below are some photos of my dad, from when he bravely served as a tank commander on the front lines in the Korean War.  He was a Purple Heart candidate after being shot twice, but refused because of his sentiments about those real heroes described above.  Growing up, I was always so proud of his service.  However, war did have an impact on him, especially since he saw so many of his Army comrades killed during the heat of battle.

Robert Stephens, served in the Korean War

Robert Stephens, served in the Korean War

My dad

My dad in the Army

Two other soldiers I am proud of:

Kevin Nash, my step-son, Kosovo

Kevin Nash, my step-son, formerly in the Army, served in Kosovo ~ Thanks for your service, Kevin!

Zach Leis, my grandson, recently enlisted in Army National Guard ~very proud of you, Zach!

Zach Leis, my grandson, recently enlisted in Army National Guard ~very proud of you, Zach!

Do you have a hero you want to brag on?  Are you proud of someone who served or is currently serving?  I would love to hear your stories as we together honor our soldiers!

Friday Feature

Feature Friday

My Friday Feature post did not happen last week.  My husband and I were traveling in California, so I decided to take a break from blogging.  Even though we were on vacation, though, it was hard not to get absorbed into the Boston Marathon terror suspect drama from last week.  Along with the rest of the nation, I celebrate the capture of the remaining suspect, and my prayers continue for those grieving over this terrible tragedy. 

As with other recent attacks, innocent lives were lost, and countless others injured or traumatized.  I dare say that any of those involved ever dreamed of such horror occurring at such a benign event.  Those participating had likely trained for months in preparation for this annual event.  Their sideline cheering squads had likely sacrificed, too, by spending time apart as their loved ones trained.  Unconscionable attacks of this sort are always shocking and sad, particularly when done in mass and for no apparent reason.  For those runners and their supporters, there will be no forgetting Boston, 2013.

Since I used to dabble in jogging (I never got to the point where I could call it running), I marvel at those individuals who can run a marathon.  The Boston Marathon, for instance, boasts that participants must run 26 miles of winding roads!  The first part of the 2-6 would have been enough for me, even at my peak of jogging.

Interestingly, the author I chose to feature today is a runner.  It is evident, from his frequent references to his athletic interests and pursuits, that he is also a swimmer, cyclist and triathlon enthusiast!  As with all of his posts, this author gleans from his athletic expertise, his daily life experiences and his phenomenal grasp of Scripture as an avenue of encouraging all who read to dig deeper into the Word of God.  Today, I feature:

A Devoted Life
Author JD Bloom

Since I am still a newbie to blogging, news of JD’s fabulous website is likely not new for others.  Due to the pristine quality, the phenomenal depth and the amazing insights of his writing, JD likely has no trouble generating devoted followers.

It does not take one long reading JD’s posts to realize that this is no ordinary blog.  Typically, Christian blogs are springs of inspirational insights; JD’s posts are overflowing wells of Truth.  When discovered, A Devoted Life is the kind of website to bookmark, because JD’s crystal clear writing leaves readers longing for more.

On his blog, JD has mentioned that he is an engineer by trade.  Since I come from a family with engineers, I was not at all surprised as to his profession.  Engineers are by nature brainy.  JD fits the profile.  His posts ooze his comprehensive knowledge and vast understanding of his topics.  For most, the mere volume of information alone would take hours of research to compile, much less to then collaborate them with Scripture and finalize them by offering practical application and prayer.  Yet, day by day, JD amazes more as he faithfully brings readers those penetrating insights of our world from a Christian perspective.

For some, all this talk of knowledge and brains may be a deterrent to following A Devoted Life.  I imagine JD would not boast openly of his intellectual gifting.  He certainly never comes across as arrogant in his posts.  In fact, in his own words, he describes himself as a rather practical person who takes a rather practical approach to implementing my Bible reading into my daily life.  Humble words from a hugely talented individual.  However, this personal disclosure precisely matches his daily writing.  JD, although uniquely gifted, provides a refreshing alternative to the typical blog.  Once you read a few of his posts, you will daily await more.

Follow the link above to his site, or the one below to one of my favorites recently in which he shares his testimony:

The Story of JD

Also, for any on Facebook, be sure to Like his Daily Devotional site where he posts other short devotions and insightful quotes:

Daily Devotionals

Written with permission from JD Bloom.

Happy Friday Feature!

Feature Friday

Before I introduce my featured blog for the day, I want to wish all my readers and fellow writers a very happy Friday.  Some of you may write for a living, so today may not be any different from another since you do not punch the Monday through Friday time clock.  I work as a Registered Nurse during the week, and only get to write in my spare time.  Even though I like nursing, Fridays are still reasons for celebration.  To those of you who share in my enjoyment and anticipation of much needed time off, Happy Friday!

Since I began my Friday Feature posting, I have highlighted several fellow Christian authors.  For the most part, those I featured have numerous followers and supporters.  Today, I would like to introduce someone who, like me, blends into the enormous community of Christian blogs; someone who, due to lack of exposure, might otherwise be overlooked.  However, today’s author is someone whose posts I never tire of reading. Please welcome:

 Dr. Jeff Krupinski

Dr. Krupinski has a no frills site, so if you are looking for bells and whistles, move on.  Instead, he posts daily devotions, which although not accompanied by snazzy photos or glitzy adornment, are straight to the point Truth from the Word.  He begins his devotions with Scripture, offers his unique perspectives and tips for practical application, challenges with pointed, thought provoking questions, and then ends with prayer.  The longer I have read his blog, the more I have come to appreciate his style and his consistent format.  Although basic, his site is refreshing in that it frees readers from the burden of distractions, and allows them to glean instead what Scriptural devotion followers came for in the first place – to learn more of about God’s Truth and how best to follow Him.

One of things I have discovered from following other sites is that many writers develop topical themes, similar to how pastors often have sermon series.  I tend to write all over the place, part of my somewhat ADD personality, I suppose.  I would categorize Dr. Krupinski as one of those writers who develops his thematic points gradually, daily, and I like this.  One of my favorite of his was from his February posts, in which he wrote on forgiveness.  The following link is to this post, in which he poignantly makes the connection of pride as a hindrance to the need for forgiveness:

2/27/13 Daily Devotion

I encourage my readers to check out this terrific site.  Dr. Krupinski does not share an About page, and for some that may raise concerns.  In my opinion, though, About pages are subjective anyway, and as such construed to convey personal information however the author chooses, whether accurate or not.  What I have found by reviewing a new site, and certainly by following one of interest, is that it does not take long to hear the person’s heart by what one writes.  If a true follower of Christ, it will be evident as Truth consistently and unashamedly bleeds through.  Dr. Jeff Krupinski fits this profile, and is a consistent messenger of Truth and a bright beacon of light for Christ.

Join me in following along as Dr. Jeff Krupinski – Brings God’s Word to the World.

Addendum: Dr. Krupinski is a minister, who is married with three children. He has doctorates in both Theology and Counseling, written numerous bible study booklets, and published three books.  This added information about his background is not at all surprising considering the quality of his daily posts.  Due to concerns as to coming across as bragging, he does not routinely share his accomplishments. Thanks for the information Dr. Krupinski!

Written with permission from the author. I am certain that you will enjoy following his blog! Blessings, always!

Friday Feature

Feature Friday

“Let another man praise you and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.”
Psalm 27:2

My Friday Feature was created as a unique format for highlighting some of my favorite Christian bloggers, instead of just using the typical Reblog. While a valuable tool for sharing favorite posts, Reblog is limited by how additional information can be shared on the front end and only gives the reader one glimpse of the site. Friday Feature is an avenue for me to share an overview, gleaned from my following the blog over a period. It is also my way of bragging on other writers, and to partner together with them in exalting Jesus.

Before starting the Friday Feature, I did not realize that getting permission ahead of time about the information shared was going to be difficult.  As a result, unless I am able to notify the author ahead of time as to specifics of what I will share, I will merely state my opinion of the site, but will avoid giving any further details.

By nature of the fact that I have only been blogging a short time, and thus have not gone back and read all of their posts, I may not agree with every idea of these featured authors. However, of the ones I have, I both enjoy and concur with the thoughtful entries by these fellow Christian bloggers, who are co-laborers in spreading the love and Truth of Christ. The ones featured are in no particular order of importance. Instead, I post those as God leads.

Be blessed by reading about today’s featured site:

Jon Lilley

During the short time since I began following his blog, I have been impressed with how consistently Jon Lilley shares Truth, yet does so in an engaging and often fun way. With every post, Jon adds great photos or images, customized with overlays of quotes and verses. The posts are concise, powerfully so!

Although I enjoy so many of Jon’s posts, one this week was particularly touching, and was a major contributing factor as to my decision to feature his site now.  In it, he shares about a recent tragedy involving some youth in his area. Jon handles the topic precisely how one should: by reminding us that we never know what tomorrow will bring. You may go directly to the link below for this thought-provoking post. My hope is that by reading, we will all remember to pray for those mourning the losses of these young lives and to recall how fleeting life really is. 

You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring
by Jon Lilley

 The above information about Jon Lilley is strictly this author’s opinion. However, I am certain that you will enjoy following his blog!


Friday Feature

Feature Friday

One of the surprises I have discovered about blogging has been the discovery of so many other wonderful Christian blog sites. I have decided to feature some of these on Fridays. I will post a short description about the site from my WordPress blog and then immediately follow this with a Reblog of one of my favorites of theirs.

Today will be a little different because the featured site has graciously asked that I write a guest blog. Rather than a subsequent Reblog, simply follow the link below to read my post, Forever – Period, but more importantly to discover a great site!

A Woman Like Me

Sadie and Sophie Cuffe are sisters and the authors of this lovely website. They feature daily devotions and serial fiction excerpts, which are always God-honoring and speak straight to the heart. Geared especially for today’s Christian women, they invite others to check them out and enjoy the “fun, faith and friendship of sharing together.”  I trust you will be as blessed as I have been and join their blogging adventure!

Blessings always!

Permission granted from A Woman Like Me