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Waiting For Eternity ~ Christian Poetry

Ticking Time

Ticking Time

Waiting For Eternity

I’ve a ticking anticipation
Waiting for eternity;
A longing for heaven,
With all of its fresh discoveries.

Yet, waiting births frustration,
Tainting the here and now,
Clouding present joys,
Forgetting current blessings somehow.

Like the blessings of a beating heart,
And the wonders of creation,
Or God’s unending love
And His remarkable salvation.

I’ve still a ticking anticipation.
Awaiting eternity;
Dreaming of what will be,
While cherishing moments now given me.


“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.
Titus 2:13


This is the second time I have used this photo of a Railroad Engineer’s watch, one that originally belonged to my husband’s grandfather.  If you would like to see that post, from a couple of years ago, see Tick Tock.  It’s a poem about not putting off a readiness for the rapture.

Sue Nash/2015


Heavenly Serenity

Serenity ~ one of my favorite pictures I took early one foggy morning

Serenity ~  taken early one foggy morning

Heavenly Serenity

Heavenly serenity
A place of perfect rest
Free of calamity
Of wars and pestilence
Wondrous tranquility
Where peace weds discontent
Throughout eternity
No more unhappiness
God’s sweet serenity
Will bring true blessedness


“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”
Revelation 21:4

“He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.
Psalm 46:9



Won’t it be wonderful there?


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Should I Assume? ~ Keep Praying for Prodigals

Should I AssumeShould I assume all is OK,
When I never hear from your lips
That you long for God’s word
And that His presence, you miss?

Should I stop worrying
That you are teetering on the edge,
When the world means more
Than following Christ instead?

Should I just leave you alone
And stop longing for your return,
Since you seem happy far from home
And seem content to stay lukewarm?

The truth is that I will never give up
Or stop praying because, you see,
Heaven and hell are both real
And last for an eternity.


“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment
Hebrews 9:27

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
1 Peter 4:7

Like me, do you have a prodigal who has wandered far from home?  Are you unsure about the certainty of their salvation?  No matter what the circumstances look like, purpose in your heart never to give up.  Instead, keep praying and believing for their return to Christ. 

God loves His prodigals.  He never gives up on them.

© Sue Nash/2014

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The End of the Book ~ Longing For Heaven to Begin

Longing For HeavenBy the end of last year, I had read through the Bible another time.  I love God’s word, especially the ending.

No matter how often I read it, when I reach Revelation 21 and 22, I want to camp out in those passages and never leave. 

I intentionally slow my reading pace to soak in the words.  I long for what is spoken of to start right now ~

I want to live where there are no more tears.
I yearn to dwell where there is no more death
Or any pain-filled years.

I look forward to seeing streets of gold and gates of pearls.
I envision the New Jerusalem
With foundations made of precious jewels.

I can hardly wait to behold the Lamb lifted high:
To worship Him before the throne,

To read my name in the Book of Life.

I long for freedom from the curse of sin.
I stop at the end of the Book,
And dream of the day it will all begin.

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.
Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus”
Rev. 22:20

Sue Nash/2014

What Ever Happened to Awe?

Awe in sunset

Awe in God’s sunsets ~ I intentionally kept the photo underexposed for a more dramatic effect

Awe – Fear mingled with admiration or reverence; reverential fear. 
Noah Webster 1828 ~ American Dictionary of the English Language

What ever happened to awe?
Did we lose it by wearing flip-flops to church?
Did we chase it away by dressing how we want?
Since man looks on the outside, but God sees into the heart, then most certainly not.

If not dress, then what happened to our fear of God?
Did it weaken by our type of worship?
Did it flee because we left hymns out?
Though some would affirm this, one type of worship song cannot define God, so on this point I really doubt.

If not because of music, then what has brought this lack of awe about?
Have we turned our churches into social clubs?
Have we taught our youth that fun and games are what going there means?
Gimmicks do diminish the simple message of the cross, and since it is close to the source, from this we all should glean.

Has replacing the cross with a watered-down message caused it?
Or could the answer be because somewhere in the mix, of teaching primarily and only about grace, the mention of hell many intentionally leave out?
Could it be that, so as not to offend or come across as intolerant, they fail to warn people about eternity’s horrific side?

Though God is love, apart from true salvation in Christ is the certainty of His judgment, and not proclaiming this truth anymore is right where the problem resides.

I realize that the very mention of hell will send many running, convinced I misunderstand God’s love.
For talk of hell is no longer in vogue, reserved instead by former preachers of fire and brimstone.

Yet, omitting hell from the discussion of our faith renders no real understanding of the extent of God’s grace.
The plight, of what happened to awe, is one that must point back to the purpose of grace in the first place.

Though grace cost us little, it cost our Savior everything, and He did so to keep us from living an eternity in torment.
Out of love, Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins to keep those who accept Him from having to face a horrible end.
The hell we deserve because of sin, God never intended that any should dwell there apart from Him.
By confronting the reality of a literal hell apart from Christ, and then comprehending what He did to reverse this awful sentence on our behalf, is the surest way to restore awe in God once again.

What are your thoughts?  What ever happened to awe?

Sue Nash/2013

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting ~ Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susan wildflower ~fleeting?

Wildflower ~fleeting?

Calling a wildflower fleeting seems contradictory, since most have a reputation for longevity in blooming.  The photo above, of a black-eyed Susan, is one of many just like it from a patch growing in my neighbor’s yard.  Their blooming season typically lasts for about two to three months before fading.  I took this picture a few days ago; I imagine the flower looks almost identical to when I snapped its portrait then.  Unlike finicky hybrids, most wildflowers are hardy, maintenance free and long bloomers.  Fleeting is not one of their descriptors.

Fleeting depends on perspective, though.  If one uses days as a measurement in determining the longevity of wildflowers, then they are not fleeting.  They outlive any day lily on the block.  However, if scrutinized from the vantage point of years, then like every other flower of the field, they are without question fleeting.

When compared to eternity, our time on earth is fleeting.  It happens in a blink.  Just as the flowers of the field spring up, blooming for a season only to wither away, we are here for just a season.  God describes that we spend our years as a tale that is told.  Since He lives outside the confines of time, He would know.

This should make us each of us want to use what time we have left wisely.  We should number our days, aligning our priorities from an eternal perspective.  Since we take nothing with us when gone, and leave only faded memories behind, each day here should count for what really matters.

You might ask, since we are not here for very long anyway, why does how we live matter?

Your life, or how you live it, may not seem to matter, but to God it does.  He created you for a special purpose and already knows the number of your days.  While here, He wants us to number them as a way of gaining a heart of wisdom, found only by coming to know and follow Him.  Think about this.  The God of the universe carefully tends the flowers of the field, by arraying even simple wildflowers in majestic glory.  This same God also cares for you.

From an eternal perspective, black-eyed Susans are but a speck.  They are fleeting when viewed through the lens of eternity.  Yet, they grace hillsides and line highways with their unpretentious beauty.  When surrendered to God, our lives don the beauty with which He intended and shine ever so lovely.  Fleeting still, but yielded to Christ, our lives will truly matter, and we will one day live forever with Him, never deemed fleeting again.

  Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

I like the side angle the best, but couldn't resist posting the full frontal angle

I like the side shot the best, but couldn’t resist posting the front angle

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Sue Nash/2013

His Doing, It Amazes

Truth plants in my life.
It establishes.
It replaces.

 Grace penetrates in my soul.
It exchanges.
It erases.

Faith sprouts in my being.
It emerges.
It unleashes.

Peace rains in my mind.
It surpasses.
It replenishes.

Hope buds in my dreams.
It promises.
It encourages.

Worship grows in my spirit.
It engages.
It nourishes.

Joy spreads in my existence.
It enthuses.
It revitalizes.

Love blossoms in my heart.
It encompasses.
It rearranges.

Righteousness stands in my eternity.
It flourishes.
It amazes.

“In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.”
Isaiah 61:3