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Yearning for Spring to Hurry

My clematis blooms from spring to early summer

My Clematis blooms from spring to early summer

Dreadful, dreary,
  Winter weary.
Yearning, wishing
Spring would hurry!


I agree with Solomon; seriously ready for winter to pass!

“For lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come”
Song of Songs 2:11, 12

I'm handling the cold about as well as my cactus that accidentally got left outside this winter

I’m handling the cold about as well as my cactus that was accidentally left outside this winter

© Sue Nash 2014


This Too Shall Pass ~ Enduring the Cold

A snowy scene from Colorado

A snowy scene from Colorado

I have finally returned to my blogging after the holidays.  Some of you may have thought that I got lost in a blizzard or something.  I did not get lost, but was just incredibly busy from traveling and recuperating.  Travel is never easy on my spine.

We spent Christmas with our family in Colorado this year.  I took this photo the morning we left.  Although the mountains always have snow this time of year, the Denver area was fairly dry.  Since I didn’t make it up to the hills for a ski trek with my husband and son, this was the most snow that I saw.

Even though scanty, I got excited about the snow, which fascinated some of our family out there.  I lived in Colorado for several years, so it is not as if I have never seen it before.  However, now that I live down South, I rarely get to make snow angels.

I miss the glittering beauty and hushed serenity of snow.  What I don’t miss, though, is the cold.

I realize that compared to much of the nation, I have no reason to complain about the cold.  For those of you up North, with temps below zero, I extend my sincere sympathies and prayers that you stay warm.

We are going to get our fair share of the cold this week in Mississippi.  Time for hot tea and layers of warm clothes.  And for remembering that this too shall pass!

“From the chamber of the south comes the whirlwind,
and cold from the scattering winds of the north.”
Job 37:9

Blessings as you try to stay warm.
*P.S. No promises on how often I will blog, since I still can’t seem to snap out of the post-holiday fog, but at least I am back!  And I look forward to reading your posts again.

Frosty ~ By the Breath of God

A frosty leaf

A frosty leaf on my mailbox post

When the chill first shows
And you shiver to the bone
With frost nipping at your toes

Although we had our first frost a few weeks ago, this morning it covered the ground more completely.  It brought a shiver to my bones.

Frosty the rose

Frosty the rose

The first frost sealed the fate of my summer roses.  They looked pretty with a dusting of chill, though.

Flip flop weather is definitely over for the year.   Brrr.

Flip flop weather is definitely over for the year. Brrr.

We don’t get a lot of snow in Mississippi, so usually our best chance of seeing Frosty is on television.  But God still sends the lovely frost.  

By the breath of God frost is given
Job 37:10a

Sue Nash/2013