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Arise, God ~ Overcoming Life’s Rubble

Taken on a morning I really needed to see the sun rise

Taken on a morning I really needed to see the sun rise

The the people of Judah began to complain, “The workers are getting tired, and there is so much rubble to be moved. We will never be able to build the wall by ourselves.”
Nehemiah 4:10

In this passage above, we see Israel trying to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, but the obstacles to doing so were great.  Their enemies tried hindering them every step of the way; however, there was also the problem of the rubble.

Heaps of debris, conspicuous evidence of their ruined city, needed excavating in order for the rebuilding to progress.  It was the clean up after the fall-out, and the task was overwhelming.

The exciting part of any rebuilding is in seeing progress, not in the drudgery of clean up.  Yet, without clearing out the mounds of debris, there is no room for successful restoration.

Life’s Rubble

Isn’t that how it is with devastating circumstances in life?

When faced with recovering from ruinous situations, whether of our own doing or not, we must deal with the rubble.  Mountains of fall-out from the destruction and change:

Consequences from poor choices, scars from regret, brokenness from rejection, damage from abuse, sadness about how things will never be the same and the list goes on.

The people of Judah encountered hindrances from opposition; there were those outside their city attempting to block their rebuilding efforts.  The rubble, however, was a hindrance from within.  Within their gates and from within their spirits, as fatigue caused them to lose heart.  The rubble problem was an inside job.

The same is true for us.  The wreckage leftover from damaging circumstances can hinder our progress from within.  It can cause us to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, thinking that things will never change for the better or restoration ever occur.

Help With Life’s Rubble

Ironically, when tempted to give up due to the enormity of the rubble, we must admit, as did the people of Judah that we will never be able to rebuild by ourselves.  On our own, and in our own strength, we cannot overcome the hurdles of rubbish.  We need help.

Christ must intervene to move the mountains of ruin.  He must come to our rescue.

Hindered from without and ruined within, Judah needed God to help them out of their trouble, most of which was from their own doing.  He did.  God came to their defense and helped them rebuild the wall.

Arise, God ~ Overcome Life’s Rubble

The enemy wants our lives to end in ruin, buried in mounds of rubble.  Yet, for followers of Christ, His very name is at stake in the midst of our circumstances.  No matter what brought about the devastation, when He hears our sincere cries for help, He responds.  God will arise to our defense, not because of anything we deserve but due to His very own name in us.

Arise, O God, plead your own cause; remember how the foolish man reproaches you daily.
 Psalm 74:22

Our enemy cannot stop Him from moving heaven and earthly rubbish out of our lives, if we will let Him.  Just as the damage may have accumulated over years, the rebuilding may take time.  However, God will arise to help us overcome the rubble and experience joy in seeing the walls of our lives restored.

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Former prodigal who woke up!

Former prodigal who woke up!

Awake, O thou sleeper,
Who has wandered far away.
Rise up from the darkness,
Come back home from whence you’ve strayed.

 To you, who has stumbled,
Or got all caught up in sin.
Just remember former things,
And go running back to Him.

 Gotten sick of how you’re living,
Or lost hope beyond despair?
Think again about the Savior,
And how much He really cares.

 He’s been watching you and waiting
With His arms held open wide.
Always ready to forgive,
And take you right back by His side.

 So, don’t delay one moment longer.
Leave the stench of sin’s foul grime.
Awake, arise, O sleeper,
Back to the Father’s love sublime.

“Therefore He says: Awake you who sleep, Arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”
Ephesians 5:14


*I have a burden for praying prodigals home, especially since I have a few that I know and want to see awaken to the light of God’s love and Truth. Would be pleased to agree with you in prayer for yours. First name is fine and I will absolutely pray!