Written on the Palms of His Hands – Christian Poetry

Hello blogging friends.  Just wanted you to know that I’m still around, but have been busy fighting a ferocious health battle. One that I would prefer soon end.  Wish I could promise to jump back into posting and interacting, but sadly I rarely go near computers.  It aggravates my symptoms too much. Please know this: despite the struggle, I have never quit trusting God’s faithfulness and goodness. The reason for our suffering is often beyond our comprehension.  Our job is simply to trust Him more.  An admonition of which the Lord daily reminds me.

This is a poem I wrote in 2013, but I felt it needed an update.  I pray that it brings blessings and encouragement to others struggling.  I miss you all very much!

Much love in Christ……Sue

Written on the Palms of His Hands

Written on His palms:
The most perfect place to be.
Safe, secure from harm,
Since He’s watching over me.

Carried in His arms:
Just exactly what I need.
Resting in His might,
As upon His strength I glean.

Kneeling at His feet;
Casting all my heavy care.
Knowing all along
That my burdens He will bear.

Standing on His word
And believing unashamed.
Confident to wait,
Hoping in His faithful name.

Close, right by His side,
‘Cause I know He’ll never leave.
Trusting in His grace;
To His love, I’ll ever cleave.

Written on His palms;
Never ever will we part.
Scripted in His hands
And engraved upon His heart.

Sue Nash/2017
(edited from original 2013)



23 thoughts on “Written on the Palms of His Hands – Christian Poetry

      1. vw1212

        Yes, for sure; and until then healing is the children’s bread. Just came through a really bad car crash and it’s only grace which has me walking upright now. God is good. vw

  1. Karina Lam

    Sister Sue…!!! What such a great surprise I got this afternoon.. I am so Happy could read your post again after been so long. You are still in my prayer but I am sorry didn’t keep in touch with you…:( keep pray for your health issue,sis.

  2. Lilka Raphael

    Much peace to you Sue! You have crossed my mind several times but I figured “life” was keeping you from blogging right now. May His grace and mercy surround you and may you continue to fight the good fight. Many blessings to you!

  3. Rene Yoshi

    So sorry to know you are in such a ferocious battle, but glad to ‘see’ you again! Praying for God’s mercy and leading into an oasis of relief and healing.

  4. Jane Bridges

    So good to see you back, even if for a little while. Great poem!! I pray you feel better soon!!

    Love ya,

    Jane Bridges | CLC Accounts Manager 601.949.1947 | firstbaptistjackson.org 431 North State Street ​Jackson, MS 39201​

  5. Margaret

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for writing that poem….. That verse from Isaiah 49:16 has been a great comfort to you, me, and countless others over the years…… You have been in my prayers every day as I pass through My Favorites and recognize that in every circumstance our LORD is sustaining us, as He has, indeed, written us on the palms of His hands……
    God’s grace is with you.


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