Fifty Shades of Right ~ Blessings of a Christ-Centered Relationship

Shades of a Rose

Shades of a Rose

Fifty Shades of Right ~ Blessings of a Christ-Centered Relationship

1.   The unending spark of clutching; still holding hands when hair turns grey
2.   The warm embers of gazing, into eyes that will never stray

3.   The deep assurance of trusting; constant companion who won’t walk away
4.   The pure delight of melting, into loving arms of one who will stay
5.   The close connection of bowing; hearts intertwined together to pray

6.   The simple joys of sharing; close dialogue between just two
7.   The gentle touch of remembrance; thoughtful gestures designed for you
8.   The constant heartbeat of commitment; soft whispers of remaining true
9.   The blessed hope of forever; an eternal love that remains new
10. The blissful benefits of matrimony; solid vows, before God we say I do

Bright rose with shading 111.  The fulfilling sense of acceptance, no matter the flaws or pain
12.  The contented feeling of belonging; lonely times need not remain
13.  The wondrous blessing of covenant; helpmates throughout wind or rain
14.  The beautiful secret of romance; passion that grows past the mundane
15.  The special bonus of devotion: despite hard times, God’s promises sustain

16.  The amazing mystery of completeness; still unique, yet one instead
17.  The splendid journey of growing; more in love now, from whence we wed
18.  The exciting path of discovery; new insights, like pages unread
19.  The truest gift of pleasure; man and wife in bodily pledge
20.  The highest place of intimacy; God’s design for a marriage bed.

Bright rose with shading 221.  The sweet refrain of harmony; watching as all problems dissolve
22.  The happy sound of peace; squelching any strife that may evolve
23.  The solid fortress of purpose; staying the course with sure resolve
24.  The selfless act of giving; finding the world, around you does not revolve
25.  The surprising power of humility; love is best, when to Christ we yield it all

26.  The genuine attention of consideration; carefully pondering what makes one smile
27.  The right understanding of importance; wisely avoiding what might hurt or defile
28.  The pleasing pursuit of give and take; eager willingness to go the extra mile
29.  The determined display of faithfulness; remaining strong through the other one’s trial
30.  The purest display of relationship: equally submitting, with Christ first all the while

Bright rose with shading 331.  The reassuring rest of security; someone else to cling to when you fall
32.  The calming effect of protection; where safety’s concerned, never drops the ball
33.  The dependable help of reliability; when problems arise, you need only call
34.  The restorative place of encouragement; when life pushes down, you’re made tall
35.  The sure rewards of faith; when facing life’s trials, God’s promises we recall

36.  The comforting face of familiarity; knowing each other through and through
37.  The watchful eye of perception; always alert if another feels bruised
38.  The artful depth of insight; knowing all the ins and outs of pleasing you
39.  The tender moment of realization: in your eyes, seeing part of me, too
40.  The joyous awareness of destiny: meant to be together, before Creation God knew

Bright rose with shading 541.  The priceless value of respect; balanced consideration for what matters most
42.  The supreme height of yielding; preferring the other becomes our boast
43.  The careful boundaries of sensitivity; certain things, to the world we will not post
44.  The mutual maintaining of modesty; private splendors, to others don’t disclose
45.  The exemplary model of dignity; made in God’s image, our highest for His utmost

46.  The unending satisfaction of longevity; to give up, we would not dare
47.  The enormous delights of monogamy; temporal thrills pale, by compare
48.  The treasured bonding of unity; the closer we get, the more deeply we care
49.  The decided attainment of oneness; how it happens, neither of us is aware
50.  The matchless glimpse of perfection; Christ our example, His sacrificial love we share

Blessings of Right

Blessings of Right

For the fifty examples above, I gleaned from lessons and experiences of my wonderful, Christ-centered marriage, soon approaching thirty years strong. The rose photos, with shaded progression, show how a relationship with God at the helm grows ever richer in vibrancy and satisfaction, as compared to becoming empty and stagnant in shallow shades of grey.
They depict the blessings of a relationship done right, God’s way.


“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”
Ephesians 5:31


41 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Right ~ Blessings of a Christ-Centered Relationship

  1. pastorpete51

    Wonderful post! Amen. I am so tired of the fascination that seems to have surrounded the most recent horrible film. Thank you for the thoughtful list and the time you invested in reminding us all of the precious nature of a God given marriage.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      You are welcome. It did take time. And I agree about the sick fascination over that movie. I’ve heard it’s mostly women going to see it. Sad refelction of our culture.

  2. blmaluso

    So beautiful and true! Marriage is such a beautiful gift for us as couples, and a wonderful way to glorify our Father in Heaven:-)

    Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  3. dawn trimble

    LOVED this post! I loved how you gradually increased the intensity of the color of the rose…It is similar to how we begin to understand that surrendering ALL parts of our lives to Christ (even our intimate relationships in marriage) is the way to true, fulfilling and permanent love. Thank you for sharing!

  4. adaisygarden

    Fantastic post! Oh, how we need to return to the “holy matrimony” view of things. How much we miss by not doing things the way God intended. Thank you for putting in black and white so many blessings that are ours when we follow what He ordained for marriage. I’ve been so very blessed with 31 years of marriage to my best friend. We have been through great joys and deep grief & loss of loved ones, but through it all, our love has only grown deeper and stronger.

  5. vonhonnauldt

    Wonderful post. We’re working on 45 years ourselves. Can’t imagine anyone I’d rather have spent them with – or anyone who would have spent them with me! This world has no idea what love really is.

  6. estherjoy

    Thank you for taking the time to write this list. It is so clearly more attractive than 50 shades of gray. May God awaken the love of doing it His way in this nation!

  7. Lilka Raphael

    Sue this is so beautiful, though beautiful seems woefully inadequate. I’ve been married over twenty years and can appreciate the love that sustains through grey hairs and grit. You so gracefully depict “real” love as our world flaunts lust that fades like vapor.

    That was VERY well done ma’am! 🙂

  8. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    Thanks so much Sister Nash!! I just did a lesson a few weeks ago on the Sacrament of Marriage and it is so good to see this especially with all in the world today!!! I love how you broke it down and brought into the REAL spiritual realm and away from the “fantasy” realm the world is so enamored with. I will reblog it if you don’t mind Sis. I know it’s been a while but health and time hinder me from time-to-time but I still get around thanks so much to the Holy Spirit!! I truly love the poetry too and I always have! Love you Sis, many blessings in your continuing service (ministry) to us all and to our Lord!

  9. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    With all in the world today and especially in this country, it is so spiritually refreshing to see this spiritually REAL take on marriage in the light of all the unreal fantasy ideas of what is meant to be between an man and a woman!!! You will be blessed by taking the time to read this as well as Sister Sue Nash’s other writings and poetry!! Pastor Roland Ledoux


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