Lift Up Your Eyes to Me ~ Snippets of Rain

Snippets of RainLift up your eyes to Me

I am doing things you do not know.
I am working things out in a way you do not expect.
Keep your trust in Me.

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”
Psalm 118:23

During times of waiting on God to answer our prayers, let us never forget that God neither slumbers nor sleeps.  While we wait, He is doing marvelous things that our eyes will one day see.

Blessings to all. 

*For about two weeks, I have been struggling with markedly increased neck pain and inner ear symptoms.  Double whammy!  I have been working at my nurse job, but trying to minimize computer time while at home.  Bear with me while I await God’s healing touch. 

He is so faithful to strengthen and minister to us during the trials.

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12 thoughts on “Lift Up Your Eyes to Me ~ Snippets of Rain

  1. Sella Irene | BeautifulWords

    Dear sis Sue, how are you ? Hopefully you are better now.
    This post has reminded me of the old song “God will make a way” by Don Moen 🙂
    God continues to work even though we can not see it. Jesus bless you and healing you my sister. We love you ((hugs))

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Sella, for some reason this comment was in my spam… I apologize for the delay in responding. Thanks for your concern. I am doing some better, but am still having to be guarded. Thanks so much for the feedback about how my post reminded you of that terrific old song. Blessings your way


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