Friday Feature ~ One Voice by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

One act of kindness can warm the heart like a yellow rose does a chilly day

One act of kindness can warm the heart like a yellow rose does a chilly day

Today’s Friday Feature is a guest post by my wonderful blogging friends, Sadie and Sophie Cuffe.  Please check out the links to their blog and some of their published works at the bottom of this post.

I hope that their words warm your heart as much as they did mine! 

One Voice
by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

According to the weather forecast, the temperature might make it to zero for the daytime high.  Nevertheless, yesterday morning we braved the 25-below-zero wind chill and cleaned off last night’s light snow from the car windshield.  The sun had only been up an hour-and-a-half, yet the snow on the window had started to melt.  Some still remained in the shape of Antarctica, but the edges had thawed and short sparkling rivulets ran into the sunlight.  We quickly scraped away the remaining snow and went about our business, but throughout the long, cold hours the image lingered in our minds.

After an overwhelming day, we returned home and let the quiet warmth of wood heat seep into our souls and bodies.  Grammie used to say, “It’s a hard old world out there.”  Sometimes we know where she was coming from: it’s hard to remember we’re not in this alone.  There are days you wonder if anyone really notices or cares.  On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes it’s hard to keep from becoming as frozen in heart as the snowdrifts, as we wonder how much more we can give before we have nothing left.

And then we realize life is like the sun on the frozen windshield.  No matter how cold and lonely it is in the wilderness of this world, we’re never left twisting in the subzero wind.  Time and time again, God has sent the warmth of a voice in the wilderness into our life just when we need it.

Today it was His voice in our hearts whispering across the chilly organ with a steady warm mother’s love that has enveloped us since our first breaths.  His voice melted the frosty selfishness in us and we answered, “Thank You for letting me be a daughter today.”

It’s not about how big life is, it’s about the power of the small kindnesses in our lives.  It’s about listening and seeing the effects of one moment and one voice.  Sometimes that voice is as quiet as a smile drying our tears, or as gentle as a soft rain filling our parched souls.  As writers, that voice in the wilderness of criticism is often the gift of a simple comment that gives us the strength to keep on trying.

The older we get, the more we see the vital need for the heart-shine of kindness and encouragement in every encounter, every word we speak.  Not only will it spread warmth to our relationships, it’ll keep our hearts from growing cold.  This year we want to be one voice for the Son.

*Posted with permission from the authors, Sadie and Sophie Cuffe

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