The End of the Book ~ Longing For Heaven to Begin

Longing For HeavenBy the end of last year, I had read through the Bible another time.  I love God’s word, especially the ending.

No matter how often I read it, when I reach Revelation 21 and 22, I want to camp out in those passages and never leave. 

I intentionally slow my reading pace to soak in the words.  I long for what is spoken of to start right now ~

I want to live where there are no more tears.
I yearn to dwell where there is no more death
Or any pain-filled years.

I look forward to seeing streets of gold and gates of pearls.
I envision the New Jerusalem
With foundations made of precious jewels.

I can hardly wait to behold the Lamb lifted high:
To worship Him before the throne,

To read my name in the Book of Life.

I long for freedom from the curse of sin.
I stop at the end of the Book,
And dream of the day it will all begin.

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.
Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus”
Rev. 22:20

Sue Nash/2014


14 thoughts on “The End of the Book ~ Longing For Heaven to Begin

  1. Heidi Viars

    Me too, Sue! I can hardly wait. This earth is groaning and that fact is becoming more and more clear to me. What a day it will be when see our Jesus face to face!!! Thanks so much for the reminder, Sue!

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  3. Jane Bridges

    Amen!!! I love it too and look forward to all the same one day too, Sue!!!!! What a beautiful picture of Heaven as we DO camp out on those last scriptures!!!!!! Oh what a day that will be!!!!!

  4. Julie Garro

    Revelation is a difficult book, but the ending is so perfect. In fact, I’ve been pondering on heaven so much my next Bible Study will be on Heaven. It’s going to be glorious!


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