I Had Jesus There~ Did You?

I Had Jesus

I had times throughout the holidays
That were special,
That brought treasured memories.
Didn’t you?

I saw people at holiday gatherings
Who are dear to me,
Who are blessings to be around.
Didn’t you?

I had many instances during the celebrations
Of warm feelings,
Of pleasant attitudes.
Didn’t you?

I had opportunities this season
To experience love,
To experience gratitude.
Didn’t you?

But I also had things throughout the holidays
That were not fun,
That were not joyous.
Didn’t you?

I encountered people during the holidays
Who didn’t act nice,
Who didn’t love Christ.
Didn’t you?

I had moments during the celebrations
Of unhappy feelings,
Of unloving attitudes.
Didn’t you?

I had reasons this holiday season
To let discouragement reign,
To let my hope dissipate.
Didn’t you?

But I had Jesus there throughout the holidays
To faithfully draw near,
To hold me close with every tear.
Did you?

“You drew near on the day I called on You,
And said, “Do not fear!”
Lam. 3:57

The enemy does his best to sabotage the very season that should bring the most joy.  God is faithful to draw near, though.  Even His announcement through the angel to the shepherds reminds us: when life gets difficult, and circumstances steal our hope,
“Fear not”

When we have Jesus, we have all we need.
Do you know Him?

Sue Nash/2013


10 thoughts on “I Had Jesus There~ Did You?

  1. teresapoetry

    I’m able to relate to everything mentioned! And at the same time, had regular reminders of what we were celebrating…..the birth of Christ. His presence WAS and IS ever near!! Thank you SO much for sharing this. God bless you : )


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