31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Blogging Friends

      1. Sandra Barker

        Hi Sue, I just discovered your blog and I really like your photos and what you write below them. You seem to be a gal after my own heart, because that’s similar to what I do with my blog. Your photos, however, are so professional-looking. You get some gorgeous close-ups. May God bless your continued desire to glorify Him through your photos and shared wisdom from Him. Hope we might enjoy each others similar work. I’m at http://www.sandra-ramblingrose.blogspot.com. I’m not particularly computer-literate, so my blog does not have as many bells and whistles as I’d like. Oh, well… God can use us all (: Blessings to you, Sandra

  1. theywhoseek

    Sue, thank you for a year of inspiration. I pray the Lord will refresh your heart and mind during this time so that you will come back with more of your beautiful work. ~ Merry CHRISTmas and a blessed New Year to you and yours ~

  2. Sharon J. Gramling

    Enjoy yourself , dear Sue. A well-deserved time of rest, peace, and JOY be unto you and yours, in Christ Jesus’ Name! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :0)


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