Friday Feature ~ Christmas Carol Favorite

My husband and I have the same favorite Christmas song.  We both love O Holy Night.

Our favorite person singing it is also the same, but we don’t have a recording, since it is someone local at our church.  She sings it better than anyone we have ever heard. 

Our second favorite version of this classic Christmas carol is by Martina McBride. 

What is your favorite Christmas song?  Share it and a link, if you like, so that we can all enjoy.  Ms. Scrooge is trying to chill out about all of the holiday madness and get in the Christmas spirit!



18 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ Christmas Carol Favorite

  1. forestmtnhike

    I love this song. And I especially like how Martina McBride sings it. She has a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing this, Sue!:) Have a blessed holiday season & Merry Christmas!! 🙂

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Ha. Funny you said that because of a story about my dad. We had the lady, who was my dad’s favorite singer, sing at his funeral. When she asked my mom what song she should sing, my mom told her that if he were to pick he would ask her to sing O holy night. He loved her singing it as much as Jim and I. But of course we chose another song!

  2. Jessie Williamson

    My favorite is also O Holy Night & I think Charlotte Odom sang it so beautifully!! Merry Christmas to you & your family, Sue.

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  3. PaperGiftsForEstefany

    Now you’ve sent me on a hunt through youtube! : ) It is definitely my favorite, too. I like the orchestral and choir backed versions best, especially those that are sung from the heart, but there are so many great versions to choose from. The power in this song is unbelievable. It always inspires me and often sends shivers down my spine. Thanks for posting, Sue.


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