Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand ~ Grands

One of our eight grandchildren

One of our grandchildren

This week’s challenge is grand.  Those of us who have them know that there is nothing much more grand than grandchildren.  Without question, ours are.

Since they live out-of-state, we do not get to see them very often, and sadly, we cannot all be together for Christmas this year.  However, we will get to spend time with some of them soon.

When we are together with our grands, we always have a grand time.  #can’t#wait!

Sue Nash/2013

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From The Daily Post


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand ~ Grands

  1. Rene Yoshi

    What a great shot! Beautiful eyes! Yes, have grandchildren is very grand! I feel so blessed to have mine close, especially since I saw my maternal grandmother only twice and never met either grandfather or paternal grandmother.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Sorry about that with your grandparents. Mine lived in another state, so I didn’t see them a lot, but my grandfather and I were very close in spite of the distance. Your grands are blessed to have such a sweet grandma! ☺️

  2. cuffesisters

    LOVE the grands! When my first grandchild arrived, a friend said, “Oh you’re gonna love being a grandmother. If I’d known it was so much fun, I would’ve skipped the first round and gone straight to being Grammie!” Totally true! We’re looking forward to all three grands showing up this Christmas, and this Mooma can’t wait! 🙂 (Thanks for sharing the photo – Your grand is adorable!)

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