Frosty ~ By the Breath of God

A frosty leaf

A frosty leaf on my mailbox post

When the chill first shows
And you shiver to the bone
With frost nipping at your toes

Although we had our first frost a few weeks ago, this morning it covered the ground more completely.  It brought a shiver to my bones.

Frosty the rose

Frosty the rose

The first frost sealed the fate of my summer roses.  They looked pretty with a dusting of chill, though.

Flip flop weather is definitely over for the year.   Brrr.

Flip flop weather is definitely over for the year. Brrr.

We don’t get a lot of snow in Mississippi, so usually our best chance of seeing Frosty is on television.  But God still sends the lovely frost.  

By the breath of God frost is given
Job 37:10a

Sue Nash/2013


6 thoughts on “Frosty ~ By the Breath of God

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  3. cuffesisters

    LOVE the frost; love the snow; that’s why we live in the “frozen north” (that’s what my Tennessee-living son calls home [Maine]). One of my favorite frostings is on the barn windows – graceful swirls and fern-like shapes that sparkle before the sun melts them away. Just another wonder and blessing of our Heavenly Father’s art. 🙂


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