Right On Time

Right on TimeSome people say
Gods judgments are
far off,
Or since His coming’s
  that His word is naught.

Don’t be deceived,
God is faithful and true.
Everything He decreed
Will come to pass as issued.

God doesn’t lie;
On Him, you can depend.
Despite what others decry,
His prophecies all transcend.

Believe God’s truth,
Hold fast to every line.
For His own, He’s coming soon;
His word fulfilled, right on time.

Sue Nash/2013

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9 thoughts on “Right On Time

  1. bobby90247

    You know, Sue, with all the “strife” in the World today, there are many that start to “doubt” their beliefs and this “Poem” is Good for those to hear. Personally, it is at times “dis-heartening” to read about all the tragedy’s occurring every where in the World, both man-made and natural, that the ONLY thing I have to rely on is God’s Word and I am then consoled “knowing” that God’s Will Be Done at ALL times!!!

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